Vawlt fleshes out distributed ‘supercloud’ storage system

Distributed storage startup Vawlt has announced a major upgrade to its “supercloud” offering. Vawlt 3.0 promises to address escalating customer demands for data protection, cyber security, and operational efficiency, helped by added ransomware protection.

With Vawlt, data is distributed in multiple clouds or on-premise nodes, creating what it calls a “supercloud” – essentially a cloud of clouds – that enables customers to take advantage of multiple storage environments through a single pane of glass. All data is encrypted at the client side, and it never goes through Vawlt’s servers. It travels directly between the users’ machines and the storage clouds. The platform enables channel partners to tailor and optimize storage to their customers’ needs and most common use cases – whether that be to support their hot or cold data.

The advanced ransomware protection offer is built in and introduces policy-based immutability for file systems and S3-API working, with continuous snapshotting to allow system-wide data rollbacks to any specified point in time, based on individual customer configurations.

There is also a new web-based user interface to support intuitive configuration, improve monitoring, and simplify often complex data management tasks.

In addition, there are channel partner-focused tools for managed service providers, valued-added resellers, and system integrators to streamline their operations, improve their customer support, and aid business development.

Ricardo Mendes, Vawlt
Ricardo Mendes

“With Vawlt 3.0 we are catalyzing a transformation in the data storage market in a hybrid multi-cloud world. It is not simply a re-invention of our solution but, much more than that, the latest release signposts the innovations we will continue to deliver,” explained CEO Ricardo Mende. “Our goal is to equip organizations with the means to assert their data sovereignty and data independence.”

Vawlt was founded in 2018 by researchers from the LASIGE research and development group within the University of Lisbon.

Last month, Vawlt secured an additional €2.15 million ($2.34 million) in funding to help widen the reach of its storage system. The previous round of funding was in 2021, and the total now stands at €3 million ($3.26 million).

Three new investors made up the latest round, including round leader Lince Capital, along with Basinghall and Beta Capital. There was also participation from existing investors Armilar Venture Partners and Shilling VC.

With the extra cash, the biz promised further product development, wider channel support, and an expansion in its headcount across business and product development.