Nasuni launches Edge for Amazon S3

Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 is now available to provide unified file and object storage at edge locations.

The biz supplies cloud file services from a File Data Platform using an edge caching appliance providing access through a global namespace to a centralized file store built on an S3 object storage base. Now it’s taken its backend file-to-S3 conversion capability and applied it to its edge caching devices, giving them select S3 API support.

David Grant.

Nasuni president David Grant explained in a statement: “Nasuni has been a long-time AWS partner, and this latest collaboration delivers the simplest solution for modernizing an enterprise’s existing file infrastructure. With Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3, enterprises can support legacy workloads and take advantage of modern Amazon S3-based applications. Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 allows an organization to make unstructured data easily available to cloud-based AI services.”

Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 runs in an Amazon EC2 instance and integrates with AWS Outposts, Wavelength Zones, or Local Zones. It enables applications and app developers to read and write using the Amazon S3 API to access AWS Local Zones, AWS Outposts, and on-premises environments. These S3 users get access through S3 to Nasuni’s edge device caching, global namespace, file sharing, and cloud file services such as data protection, ransomware recovery, and data intelligence.

The Nasuni edge caching is claimed to provide LAN-like data access performance. It provides S3, CIFS, SMB or NFS protocol support, and extends file metadata with an extended number of tags, the number of characters in tags, and the size of file metadata. It also supports petabyte-sized workloads.

Locally generated data may have to be sent to a cloud or datacenter-based analytics app, or both, and adding the S3 protocol to the edge device can make that easier.

Alex Serban, senior manager of site reliability and operations at Electronic Arts, enthused: “This approach to engaging with Nasuni not only enhances our operational efficiency, but also establishes a standardized process. The potential of Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 becomes evident in its ability to boost performance, speeding software build distribution to teams around the globe. This improvement is instrumental in accelerating the delivery of games to the global market.”

Get access to a Nasuni Edge for Amazon S3 datasheet here and find out more by reading a Nasuni blog.