Virtuozzo pitches MSPs an alternative cloud

The Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud offers managed service providers (MSPs) a set of cloud services it claims they can sell at at lower cost than those of the three cloud giants, and is pitching a 20 percent margin.

Switzerland-based Virtuozzo provides open source-based hyperconverged cloud technology which it claims enables MSPs to reduce costs for customers by as much as 25 percent. The Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud brings together core cloud services in a single easy-to-use web interface for MSPs, we’re told.

Joe Morgan, Virtuozzo VP of Cloud, said: “No one needs today’s crazy public cloud prices, or the complexity of trying to piece together your own cloud service.”

Morgan claimed that when he was at an MSP, “I went through these exact same challenges. Nobody could give me a ready-to-sell solution for the cloud services my customers needed. I had to build everything myself, or lock my customers into one of the big hyperscale public cloud ecosystems. Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud was built to overcome all of those problems. One cloud, designed for MSPs; all of the core cloud services an MSP’s customer needs; one easy-to-use interface; and pricing that actually makes sense for today’s economy.” 

The Virtuozzo Hybrid Cloud (VHC) features:

  • Infrastructure, Platform, Kubernetes and Storage-as-a-service,
  • Backup-as-a-Service via Acronis integration, 
  • Tuned OpenStack virtualization, 
  • S3 compatible storage,
  • Auto-scaling/clustering application containers,  
  • Flexible pricing: Pay As You Go, and/or commitment tiers to reduce cost/increase margin further,  
  • Self-service portal for MSPs, and for end customers if desired, 
  • Certified cloud infrastructure managed by Virtuozzo partners, with 24×7 support and 99.9 percent SLAs,  
  • Instant activation, free online training. 

VHC is designed for the channel, hosted by Virtuozzo and its network of Cloud Service Provider partners, and available now at locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Distributor Climb Channel Solutions is leading its roll out in North America and the UK.