SingleStore embraces ChatGPT

SingleStore is demoing ChatGPT as a way of looking for data in its unified real-time transactional and analytic database, SingleStoreDB.

The company is running a webinar on April 25 to show how the chatbot can be used on an organization’s private data. ChatGPT is a generative AI application built on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which are Large Language Models, created by OpenAI. It has astonished many with its ability to respond to complex natural language queries, search public data sets, and build intelligent and comprehensive replies, even writing valid computer code. However, although its replies are often right, they can also be wrong.

SingleStore’s webinar notes say: “We believe that the next iteration of ChatGPT will be the ability to use it against data that is not publicly available (internal docs, wikis, code, meeting notes, etc). SingleStore is the ideal database for this given its abilities to store vector data, perform semantic searches and pull data from various sources without extensive ETL.” 

SingleStore CMO Madhukar Kumar and Product Management Director Arnaud Comet
SingleStore CMO Madhukar Kumar (left) and Product Management Director Arnaud Comet

The hour-long webinar is being presented by SingleStore CMO Madhukar Kumar and Product Management Director Arnaud Comet. Attendees will be able to hear how to build a ChatGPT app on their own data stored in SingleStoreDB, with Javascript and SQL examples. The SQL queries will be given vector functions which are then fed to ChatGPT.

A previous SingleStore webinar showed how applications using SingleStore integrated with MindsDB could use machine learning capabilities including a GPT-3-based facility. The presenters described how attendees could deploy a data-centric ML system on the AWS cloud with existing SQL skills.

MindsDB says it brings machine learning into databases via AI Tables; machine learning models stored as virtual tables inside a database. These tables work on database data to make predictions.

It looks as if SingleStore is adding AI Tables functionality into SingleStoreDB. Earlier this month lakehouse shipper Databricks updated its open source Dolly ChatGPT-like large language model to make its facilities available for business applications without needing massive GPU resources or costly APIs.


Two substantial analytics database suppliers are rushing out ChatGPT facilities so that non-skilled SQL users can query their organization’s database/data lakes in real time using natural language and get detailed answers that should be right – in that the chatbot’s universe is drawn entirely from the organization’s data set.

The idea is that executives and managers will be able to query data lakes without needing any help from SQL experts or data scientists, and the SQL geeks and data scientists themselves may be able to use ChatGPT facilities to become even better at their jobs. Overall it looks as if there will be far more analysis of data sets with ChatGPT used as the skillful concierge by execs and managers, and a great tool builder by SQL experts and data scientists.