SingleStore claims 100x speed boost for JSON queries

SingleStore claims to have accelerated queries up to 100x for transactional apps working with JSON semi-structured data.

This is part of SingleStore’s v8.0 release of its unified real-time transactional and analytic database, SingleStoreDB. It has hundreds of customers including Siemens, Uber, Palo Alto Networks and SiriusXM. SingleStore was ranked as a strong performer in the Forrester Wave: Translytical Data Platforms Q4 2022 report.

Raj Verma, SingleStore
Raj Verma

CEO Raj Verma said in a statement: “Real-time has been baked into our foundational design from very early on and the continued innovation with the latest announcement sets us apart as the world’s only unified database that allows you to transact and reason with data in real time in a multi cloud hybrid distributed environment.”

Version 8.0 adds a fast seeking JSON for columns feature which provides the speed increase.

Users also get autonomous dynamic workspace compute scaling when running SingleStoreDB in AWS, Azure and the Google Compute Cloud. Workspaces can be suspended and resumed to lower costs. There are real-time and historical monitoring capabilities for up-to-the second visibility into cluster performance.

SingleStoreDB already supports Common Table Expressions (CTE) – virtual tables containing a SELECT statement result set, and v8.0 adds Recursive CTE support. This makes it easier to perform analytics on hierarchical data such as in-database graph and tree expansions using one SQL statement.

Version 8.0 also adds a native client for Python, enabling developers to create up to 10x faster connections to the database, compared to a vanilla MySQL connector such as PyMySQL. It makes support for Wasm (Web Assembly) available to both Cloud and Self-Managed deployments, thus opening up availability of this feature to all customers and making it easier to port code libraries or routines (in Rust, C or C++, and soon other languages) into SingleStoreDB.

There is also extended Single Sign On support for federated authentication using OAuth.

SingleStore is running a 60-minute interactive webinar on December 15 at 10am PT to discuss this SingleStoreDB release and its development roadmap.


JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is a self-describing file and data interchange format using text to transmit and store data objects. JSON data is formed from name/value pairs written in between double quotes like this: “lastName”:”Doe”. Because its syntax is similar to JavaScript object code, a JavaScript program can convert JSON data into native JavaScript objects and process them.