Panasas ups Atempo with Miria, a data-mover suite for HPC and AI

Panasas is known for shipping PanFS ActiveStor storage systems for high-performance computing shops. Now it’s branching out by partnering with Atempo and its Miria data-moving product.

Panasas started getting a deeper involvement with machine learning this summer, and has now decided to pursue the data movement and analytics market. This is a broadening move to bring in AI and machine learning and also high performance data analytics to its core HPC storage activity.

Panasas’ VP of Marketing and Product at Panasas, Jeff Whitaker, put out a statement saying:  “These new offerings are key additions to our PanFS software suite, and they underscore our continued transformation into a multiplatform, software-first company.”

Atempo’s Miria Data Management software has modules for analytics, migration, backup, archiving and synchronization, and can support billions of files. It happens to support Lustre and S3. Panasas has created two new pieces of software from this: PanView Analytics by Atempo and PanMove Advanced by Atempo.

Tom Shea, Panasas CEO and president, provided more context: “Volumes of unstructured data are growing rapidly today, driven by the increasing convergence of traditional HPC and AI workloads. … “The PanView and PanMove suite continues the Panasas new product trajectory and gives our customers the control they need over their data – across platforms and in the cloud.”

PanMove extends Panasas’ reach beyond a cluster. It enables users to move large volumes of data between different ActiveStor systems, locally and across geographic distances. Data can also be moved between PanFS storage environments and S3 object stores, whether in public or private clouds, or on-premises systems.

Panasas customers’ end-users can extend PanMove’s protection, synchronization, and replication functionality even further by pairing it with Atempo’s Miria products. They can then support backup and archive targets such as tape and tape robotics as well as Azure and Google cloud object storage.

PanView is a data management and analytics tool that provides end-users with a simple, consolidated global view of their data across Panasas storage systems. It also delivers comprehensive storage activity reporting from a dashboard.

Atempo has been steadily building out partnership activities, making deals with Quantum and Qumulo. Now it has a third US-based storage partner.

Panasas will be demonstrating its software products at booth #713 at SuperComputing ‘22 in Dallas, Texas on November 14th – 17th, 2022. The PanView and PanMove products will be available to customers in the first 2023 quarter.