Commvault adds malware honeypots to Metallic

Commvault has added ThreatWise malware deception and detection technology to its Metallic SaaS product.

ThreatWise is based on TrapX software acquired by Commvault in January. The idea is to detect and proactively reject malware attacks before they can do damage. This is one half of a balanced malware response strategy, the other being data immutability and recoverability.

Commvault SVP for products Ranga Rajagopalan said: “Data recovery is important, but alone it’s not enough. Just a few hours with an undetected bad actor in your systems can be catastrophic. By integrating ThreatWise into the Metallic SaaS portfolio, we provide customers with a proactive, early warning system that bolsters their zero-loss strategy by intercepting a threat before it impacts their business.”

ThreatWise’s TrapX technology sets up honeypot virtual targets for attackers that leads them away from a customer’s real corporate assets. They are lured towards virtual assets that are actually pre-configured and specialized traps or threat sensors across on-premises and SaaS environments. Customers can fingerprint any highly specific assets and deploy a deceptive replicate in minutes.

Commvault ThreatWise dashboard
ThreatWise dashboard screen

These traps help discover the attack origin and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), trigger alerts, and enable faster responses. TrapX said its customers could rapidly isolate, fingerprint, and disable new zero-day attacks and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) in real-time.

Once initiated, TrapX’s scalable technology can deploy more than 500 unique traps per appliance in less than five minutes, Commvault said.

Commvault has also updated its general protection software’s security capabilities, extending its machine learning and threat detection. This has a Zero Loss Strategy featuring end-to-end data visibility, broad workload protection, and faster business response, built on a Zero Trust foundation. It has expanded its file anomaly framework to detect malicious applications that may evade traditional detection methods by posing as safe file types.

The updated software expands data governance capabilities to profile object storage for Azure, AWS, and GCP, helping to eliminate data leakage.

Metallic ThreatWise, along with Commvault’s latest platform update features, is available now. Read an Early Warning Threat Detection datasheet here.

TrapX was founded in 2012, raising around $50 million in four funding rounds. It has amassed a 300-plus worldwide customer count, with thousands of users.