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Data catalog and data intelligence supplier Alation has announced a partnership with data integrator Fivetran that is intended to enable joint customers to find and understand the full context of their data. Fivetran’s tech is designed to let data and analytics teams securely move data from operational systems to analytics platforms. Alation is built to enhance visibility into the data to speed pipeline development. Their partnership provides shared customers with visibility into enterprise data as it moves through Fivetran-managed pipelines, the pair said. The partnership simplifies data consolidation and pipeline creation, while aggregating governed, reliable data so organizations can get more value from their data, the duo added.

Bluesky has formally launched its first product designed to provide more visibility into Snowflake workload usage and costs as well as actionable insights and workload specific recommendations for maximum optimization. Bluesky analyzes query workloads to detect similar groupings, using query patterns technology. By watching for similar query patterns, Bluesky said it can detect complex situations that simplistic visibility tools miss. It can suggest high-impact tuning options for valuable workloads, increasing efficiency, it added, while also looking out for clear savings hiding inside the noise of regular operations, such as long-running queries that fail repeatedly without providing any value. Bluesky also announced that it has raised $8.8 million in seed funding. The company was founded by Google and Uber data and machine learning tech leads.

SSD firmware developer Burlywood has hired Jay Bradley as its Chief Revenue Officer and VP of Customer Success. He will oversee global sales and marketing teams to ensure customer success and be responsible for managing all global sales activities spanning direct, OEM, and channel sales engagements. Most recently, Bradley was Director of OEM Business Development at Brocade Storage Networking. His experience also includes work at Micron Technology and LSI Corporation, where he worked in various engineering, product marketing, and business development roles over his more than 15 years of service.

CDS, a provider of multi-vendor services (MVS) for datacenters worldwide, today launched its new Data Center Modernization Assessment Service, aimed at helping organizations understand and realize their potential for cost savings as hardware refresh cycles become longer and modernization initiatives need funding. According to the Uptime Institute, 50 percent of all data center system refreshes occur after five years. More than 90 percent of systems in the average data center today are at least three years old. While server units outnumber storage arrays, storage is the largest area for savings because of its much higher acquisition cost, accounting for nearly 70 percent of the potential savings in hardware maintenance. MVS can save customers at least 20 percent on systems that are between three and four years old and 50 percent or greater on systems that are five years old or older, CDS claimed.

Object storage vendor Cloudian said it has enhanced its Managed Service Provider (MSP) program to help MSPs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) capitalize on new market opportunities by leveraging the company’s expanded object storage solutions portfolio and increased program benefits, including go-to-market and event support, joint business planning, and additional training. Cloudian has over 300 MSP/CSP customers around the world – including 30 added over the past year. To learn more about the Cloudian program, click here.

Druva has released a joint survey with IDC highlighting the unpreparedness of businesses against the threat of ransomware. The research, featured in Druva’s blog and an IDC white paper, shows that while 92 percent of respondents said their data resiliency tools were efficient or highly efficient, 67 percent of those hit by ransomware were forced to pay the ransom, and nearly 50 percent experienced data loss. Some 93 percent of respondents also claimed to be using automated tools to find the ideal recovery point yet the inability to find the correct recovery point was cited as the number one reason for data loss. For IDC’s report, click here.

Purpose-built backup appliance target ExaGrid has achieved a +81 Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company with scores measured with a single-question survey and reported with a number from the range -100 to +100. It’s a measure of whether current customers would recommend a supplier to a friend or colleague. ExaGrid claimed it offers the largest scale-out system in the industry – comprised of 32 EX84 appliances that can take in up to a 2.7PB full backup in a single system, which is 50 percent larger than any other solution with aggressive deduplication.

Global Data Environment software developer Hammerspace says it has more than 100 implementations, demonstrating “massive momentum across enterprise, finance, government, higher education, retail, and research organizations” in datacenters and public and private clouds. It distributed a chart showing this:

David Flynn, founder and CEO, said: “Adoption of the Hammerspace Global Data Environment is fueled by the ability to unify the user and application access to data across silos and to automate data placement at the point of decision or processing without interruption.”

The HPE GreenLake for Databases service was updated with expert-designed configurations of optimized infrastructure for leading databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and EDB Postgres. It said Microsoft SQL Server customers will appreciate the lab-tested infrastructure proven to increase performance for SQL Server, with latency reductions as much as 94 percent vs last-gen hardware. Performance testing of Microsoft SQL Server on the latest all-NVMe HPE Alletra 6000 storage vs previous-gen storage infrastructure showed a 19x write performance improvement, with latency reductions as high as 94 percent.

HPE has updated its SimpliVity HCI software to version 4.1.2 with dual disk resiliency, unified continuous hardware monitoring, and the ability to view VM copy locations more easily. Also, with SimpliVity InfoSight Server Integration, all the benefits that are available in HPE InfoSight for Servers will be available on SimpliVity infrastructure. The SimpliVity hardware will be continuously monitored in a unified manner, to help protect the SimpliVity infrastructure. When SimpliVity creates a secondary copy of data for added resilience, you can now view the virtual machine copy locations on the vCenter UI in a new tab.

Immuta has sponsored a report by IDC InfoBrief that highlights some challenges facing businesses as they attempt to ramp up their data-driven digital strategies. While as many as 90 percent of CEOs surveyed said they consider it crucial to have a digital-first strategy to achieve business value from their data, two thirds of European organizations admitted to having issues leveraging their data because they lack the right kind of data access governance. The report looks at the reasons for the bottleneck, highlighting how data access strategy across a business is an issue for 61 percent of organizations, with 14 percent citing it as a “critical challenge.”

Memory cached array provider Infinidat has added Italian distributor Computer Gross to its channel to boost its business in the country.

TCP/NVMe storage supplier Lightbits has been assigned a patent (11,442,658) covering a “system and method for selecting a write unit size for a block storage device.” Different SSDs behave better under different conditions depending on their model and internal architecture. A parameter affecting their behavior is the write unit size, i.e. the amount of data written to the SSD as one “chunk.” Using the methods described in this patent, Lightbits determines the optimal write unit size for a given SSD, writing to that SSD in such a way that induces it to work as close as possible to its optimal working point. To read the patent abstracts and full detail, click here.

Greg Knieriemen

Greg Knieriemen, NetApp‘s Director for Technology Evangelism, Influencer Relations and Community Engagement, has resigned for an opportunity he couldn’t turn down. We don’t know what it is yet.

Scality announced the results of an independent survey of IT decision makers across France, Germany, UK, and the US about their data sovereignty strategies. 98 percent of organizations already have policies in place or have plans to implement them. To achieve data sovereignty, 49 percent of IT decision makers are using hybrid cloud or regional cloud service providers as an alternative to the public cloud.

Backup and archive systems vendor SpectraLogic says its customer, Imperial War Museums (IWM), has won the 2022 IBC Innovation Award in Content Distribution for a “prodigious” project to build a digital asset management and storage ecosystem with multi-site implementation across datacenters in Cambridge and London. This project brought together software and hardware from multiple vendors including Spectra Logic, Axiell, and Veritas to enable IWM to collect and preserve real stories of modern war, conflicts, and their impact. The infrastructure includes Spectra T950 Tape Libraries; BlackPearl NAS with high-density drive capability allowing for expansion; BlackPearl object storage platform to provide migration capability between tape generations; and StorCycle software, enabling data migration from primary storage, saving IWM storage capacity and money.  

Real-time data integration and streamer Striim has joined the Databricks Technology Partner Program. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the elements of data lakes and data warehouses so users can unify their data, analytics, and AI, build on open source technology, and maintain a consistent platform across clouds. Striim’s integration enables enterprises to leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform while deriving insights in real time via Striim’s streaming capabilities. 

Talend has released the results of its second annual Data Health Barometer, a survey conducted globally among nearly 900 independent data experts and leaders. It revealed that while a majority of respondents believe data is important, 97 percent face challenges in using data effectively and nearly half say it’s not easy to use data to drive business impact. The Data Health Barometer explores the disconnect between data and decision, which can impede enterprises and executives from supporting their strategic objectives through any economic conditions. Major findings from the survey include:

  • Companies’ ability to manage data is worsening
  • There is a data literacy skills gap
  • Businesses are preparing for economic turbulence
  • Data trust and data quality remain top challenges to using data effectively

Veeam Software has today announced the appointment of Rick Jackson as Chief Marketing Officer from Qlik, where he led the global marketing organization and was part of the leadership team that transformed Qlik into an end-to-end data and analytics SaaS company. Jackson also previously served as CMO at VMware, where he helped drive the transformation from virtualization to cloud infrastructure, as well as Rackspace.

Live data replicator WANdisco has signed its largest ever contract, valued at $25 million, with a top 10 global communications company. As a Commit-to-Consume contract, revenue will be recognized over time and has the potential to grow further as the customer’s data requirements grow. This is the fourth consecutive contract with the customer, following the $11.6 million order announced on June 28. The customer had previously used WANdisco’s solutions to migrate smart meter data from an on-premises Hadoop cluster to multiple cloud providers. This follow-on deal comes as the customer has seen a proliferation of smart meter data and has new Internet of Things (IoT) data needs in the automotive sector. The cumulative contracts from this customer now total $39.3m during 2022, demonstrating the opportunity for WANdisco to land and expand deals using its Commit-to-Consume model.