Commvault adds Metallic features to Oracle Cloud

Commvault Metallic SaaS data protection will be offered on the Oracle Cloud as a part of an expanded partnership.

Metallic’s services will be offered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and available in all commercial OCI regions globally. 

OCI offers compute (as physical hardware instances) and storage capacity in a flexible overlay virtual network accessible from a customer’s on-premises network. Metallic data protection now spans OCI Virtual Machines, Oracle Databases, Oracle Container Engine (OKE), and Oracle Linux, and is available to over 400,000 Oracle enterprise customers as well as more than 100,000 Commvault customers looking to protect their data with OCI.

Commvault CEO and president Sanjay Mirchandani said: “Our partnership gives customers the trusted industry-leading solutions they need to rein in data sprawl and protect their data in an unrelenting threat landscape.”

Commvault and Oracle will jointly market and sell Metallic DMaaS in an alliance that will accelerate Metallic’s global expansion efforts, and Metallic DMaaS will be available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

We asked Commvault and Oracle some questions about this deal and they were answered by David Hicks, Group VP, ISV Cloud Strategy and Business Development, MSP, Private Equity at Oracle, and Manoj Nair, Chief Cloud Officer and GM, Metallic at Commvault.

Manoj Nair, Commvault, and David Hicks, Oracle
Manoj Nair and David Hicks

Blocks & Files: The headline news says “this partnership will deliver superior price-performance” – to what?

David Hicks: OCI is built for enterprises seeking higher performance, consistently lower costs, and easier cloud migration.  With Metallic expanding their support for OCI workloads – for example, OCI VMs – customers can take advantage of Oracle price performance together with Metallic’s industry-leading data protection.

Manoj Nair: Because Metallic is delivered as a SaaS solution, customers can reduce TCO through simplified management and reduced reliance on-premises infrastructure. Metallic Recovery Reserve on OCI provides predictable costs to store and recover your data, without incurring egress for example.

Blocks & Files: The talk about “the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) multicloud” – what other clouds than Oracle are in the OCI multicloud? Is it just Azure? Will more be added by Oracle?

David Hicks: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers a comprehensive set of multicloud solutions in the form of specialized deployments, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to fit any organization’s needs. Specific to Azure, the Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect provides organizations with a simple migration path to a multicloud environment. This low-latency, private connection between two leading cloud providers brings flexible innovation while maximizing return on investment.

Blocks & Files: Does Metallic support all the clouds in the OCI multi-cloud?

David Hicks: Metallic DMaaS is Oracle’s only Enterprise Backup and Recovery SaaS Provider in the Oracle ISV Accelerator program.  Our joint solution is designed to address Oracle customers’ needs for data protection and security as they protect workloads on premises and move to OCI.

Manoj Nair: Metallic supports customers choosing multi-cloud strategies, for example, those who are leveraging Azure interconnect agreement between Microsoft and Oracle. This is in line with Metallic’s multi-cloud strategy as the only DMaaS offering protection across Azure, AWS, and now OCI.

Blocks & Files: There’s mention of “built-in enhanced security” – enhanced from what?

David Hicks: For OCI, security is built in, on by default, and customers can automatically secure, tune, and scale apps. We wanted to select a strategic backup and recovery partner with a shared commitment to offering differentiated, layered security.

Manoj Nair: Metallic is redefining data protection with offerings like the new Metallic ThreatWise solution and this gives us a clearly differentiated offering. What we are offering customers is the ability to not just recover from ransomware, but the ability to protect primary environments, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. Our cyber detection offerings, built from our acquisition of TrapX, plays strongly with OCI’s security capabilities, enhancing the overall security posture for our customers.

This is what we are referring to as the enhancement from the partnership. We are providing customers with security today that encompasses the ability to actively protect data in a worst case scenario while also having recovery readiness should that worst case scenario happen. This becomes the recommended enterprise grade service for customers that they can pick to activate their cloud journey.

Blocks & Files: Can you say anything more about “the continued expansion of Oracle workload coverage in the coming months and beyond”?

David Hicks: We are very selective about partners, and we only have a limited number of partners in our highest tier. We see with Commvault and Metallic a breadth of industry-leading offerings, fully aligned to the journey we are taking our customers on as they transform their businesses. 

Immediately – today – we can give our customers something very differentiated. Our long-term strategy is to support customer choice and we are seeing great demand from partners and customers for the security and flexibility that we can provide with Commvault.

Manoj Nair: Today, our Metallic SaaS portfolio supports new Oracle Cloud workloads – with OCI VMs and Oracle Container Engine (OKE) – in addition to existing support for Oracle databases running on premises or in cloud VMs, while Oracle customers can choose to send air-gapped backup copies to OCI leveraging Metallic Recovery Reserve.  

As we have shown to date Metallic has a history of rapidly adding feature and workload coverage, and this will continue with joint roadmap planning with Oracle moving forward.


There is a Veritas and Oracle partnership dating from 2018 concerning NetBackup and OCI integration. NBU can be used for backup and recovery to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and for cloud-native data protection in OCI.

Blocks&Files sees Commvault and Veritas going head-to-head in the ICI market, with Commvault having a SaaS offering and Veritas having transitioned NBU to a SaaS product. Both Commvault and Veritas have solid enterprise data protection credentials. The opportunity for Commvault is to extend its Metallic customer base into the OCI user base and the joint Oracle-Commvault marketing activities around Metallic and OCI will help this effort.

This is a good deal for both Oracle and Commvault with each getting enhanced credibility and marketing/selling opportunities from it.