Storage news ticker – 10 March

Atlan, whose software functions as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and dashboards to models and code, has raised a $50m in B-round funding at a $450m valuation. The round was led by Insight Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Sequoia Capital India. Atlan’s tech enables teams to create a single source of truth for all their data assets and collaborate through deep integrations with tools like Slack, data warehouses like Snowflake and Redshift, BI tools like Looker, Sisense, and Tableau, data science tools, and more. The B-round comes just eight months after a $16m Series A led by Insight Partners and high profile angels like Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake. 

Drive data erasure firm Blancco put out a report it says reveals shortcomings in public sector policies on device sanitization. The report, titled, The Price of Destruction: Exploring the Financial & Environmental Costs of Public Sector Device Sanitization, is based on survey findings from 596 government IT leaders in the U.S and in eight other countries. For the 70 organizations surveyed in the US the costs for SSD destruction and replacement reached between $6.9m and $7.3m. It says that, despite 54 per cent of global respondents agreeing that reuse of SSDs is better for the environment than physical destruction, and almost all respondents (93 per cent) saying their organization had defined plans to reduce the environmental impact caused by destroying IT equipment, less than a quarter (22 per cent) are actively implementing those plans.

Dell Technologies and Amazon have partnered to validate Dell EMC PowerStore infrastructure with Amazon EKS Anywhere. EKS Anywhere is a deployment option enabling customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises using VMware vSphere while making it possible to have connectivity and portability to AWS public cloud environments. EKS Anywhere provides operational consistency and tooling with AWS EKS. Details are available in this blog.

Diamanti, which supplies Kubernetes app life cycle management software, has been awarded 10 patents. Several of them involve inventing “methods and systems for converged networking and storage,” and this refers to the common APIs it has developed to expand access to Kubernetes. It says it’s allowing any third-party storage or network provider to provide their services into the Kubernetes ecosystem. Diamanti will focus on harvesting deep telemetry data to get near real-time metrics and tracing on cluster and workload performance levels. It’s building AI/ML capabilities over this R/T telemetry data to allow customers to continuously monitor and optimize the resource allocations of their Kubernetes clusters. Diamanti also says it’s expanding its reach globally.

Lenovo has an expanded SMB portfolio with new single-socket ThinkSystem V2 Servers, newly enhanced TruScale Infinite Storage and a range of services. The new single-socket ThinkSystem ST50 V2, ST250 V2 and the SR250 V2 servers are for business-critical applications in retail, manufacturing and financial services. The ThinkSystem DM5100F storage system is an affordable, feature-rich all-flash SAN storage system. The ThinkSystem DM storage systems have built-in automatic ransomware protection.

Object storage software supplier MinIO recently added the ability to retire and upgrade server pools without compromising data availability. It says this feature is what it calls “enterprise enterprise” because most people don’t need it. But those that do…well, you get the point. A blog post shows how to decommission a server pool, view the status of a decommission in-progress or cancel it.

Lise-Marie Namphy.

Kubernetes-native data platform provider Ondat, said Lisa-Marie Namphy has been named to the company’s advisory board. She is Head of Developer Relations at database company, Cockroach Labs, a CNCF Ambassador, and a longtime advocate of open source serving as a volunteer organizing the San Francisco Bay Cloud Native Containers User Group – one of the world’s largest in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Namphy joins Cheryl Hung, the former VP ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation/Linux Foundation, who was added to the board last October. 

She writes in a blog post: “I still struggle with the shift away from the “StorageOS” name, but it was entirely right. The focus of the new Ondat brand is on Kubernetes-native delivery of the data services that developers want, and this is exactly what end-users now need. We are entering a time where how you do state in Kubernetes and what you do with state in Kubernetes become the all-important factors.”

OWC has announced storage and connectivity products for Apple’s new iPad Air with M1 and Mac Studio. They include:

– Envoy Pro SX super-fast extreme rugged portable SSD delivering  up to 2847MB/sec with today’s and tomorrow’s Thunderbolt and USB4-equipped Mac’s. Available in 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities.
– Atlas S Pro UHS-II V90 SD media cards in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities.
– ministack STX with a universal SATA HDD/SSD bay and an NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD slot, 3 x  Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports and in capacities ranging from 0GB enclosure (add your own drives), 2TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 14TB, and 18TB.
– ThunderBlade delivers transfer speeds up to 2800MB/sand is available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, 16TB and 32TB capacities.

Veeam Software announced GA of the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v6 SaaS offering. V6 provides automation and scalability for enterprise organizations and service providers, time savings in handling restores and not having to build and maintain your own portal, enhanced security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) access to restore data, and recovery confidence with a secondary copy of data in low-cost object storage.