Storage news ticker – February 11

The CXL (Computer Express Link) Consortium announced the acceptance of Gen-Z Consortium’s assets and the Gen-Z specification, and will post the Gen-Z specification as an archive on CXL Consortium’s public website for five years. Upon completion of the asset transfer, the Gen-Z Consortium will begin finalizing operations. (CXL is a high-speed interconnect, based on the PCIe 5 bus, offering coherency and memory semantics using high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity between the host processor and devices such as accelerators, memory buffers, and smart I/O devices.)


More info (thanks TrendForce) about the Kioxia/WD NAND chip outage due to chemical contamination. Contamination occurred during a wet etching process. Flash production halted at the end of January to enable pipeline cleaning and production restart will be gradual from the second half of February through to mid-March. More than three weeks’ worth of output has been lost. All contaminant-affected wafers must be scrapped. In our view there will be a horrendously large bill at the end of the cleanup and the luckless chemical supply company faces having to pay it.

Lightbits Labs, an NVMe overTCP pioneer, has appointed Thomas DeLorenzo as its VP of sales east. His 30+ year CV includes stints at Turing Video, CloudSimple, Infinidat, Brocade Communications, and Veritas Software. He’s been involved in developing sales strategies and go-to-market modelling for Vexata, FusionIO, Nimble, Data Domain, and CLARiiON.

In an AWS environment Teradata proved that it can successfully operationalise analytics at scale on a single system of more than 1,000 nodes with 1,023 active users submitting thousands of concurrent queries, using a diverse set of mixed workloads, and with no system downtime or outages. This single system test was executed over an extended period of several weeks on a distributed system consisting of over 1,000 servers with zero system downtime. It ran mixed workloads. Teradata’s analytic data platform featured multi-compute clusters, automated elasticity, low-cost object storage and push button provisioning.

DNA storage silicon supplier Twist Bioscience announced $250 million of common stock in an upsized, underwritten public offering of 4,545,454 shares at a price to the public of $55.00 per share. The offering is expected to close on or about February 15, 2022. Twist intends to use the net proceeds of the offering, along with its existing cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments to scale its investment in its R&D organization, which includes investing in pharmaceutical biologics drug discovery and in DNA data storage, to increase its investment in its commercial organization to support the growth of its NGS, synbio, pharmaceutical biologics drug discovery programs and its global expansion, to scale its NGS operations and to expand its capacity, and for the remainder to fund working capital and general corporate purposes.