Lightbits Labs shines its light brighter after solid 2021

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NVMe/TCP pioneer Lightbits Labs grew its business on multiple fronts in 2021 and ended the year with a 2.3X increase in pipeline growth, positioning it for an even better 2022.

On the back of VMware certification in 2021 for its software, which sends NVMe storage accesses across TCP and provides flash management, the company doubled its installed base and increased its average deal size by 60 per cent compared to 2020.

Eran Kirzner, Lightbits CEO, provided a statement: “We attribute the growth to our unique capabilities in terms of delivering a highly performant, cost-efficient data platform with enterprise rich data services in a shared storage environment that is easy to consume. More companies are adopting NVMe/TCP, and we invented it, it’s native to our storage software and our announcement last year with VMware is evidence that we are on a trajectory towards delivering an end-to-end NVMe solution.”

Lightbits publicised other growth aspects of its 2021 experience:

  • Increasing revenue on a tailwind of IT organisations looking for  simplicity, agility, and cost-efficiency;
  • A significant number of new partners join the “GoPurple program”;
  • Added offices;
  • Added 27 per cent more employees.

Kirzner said “In 2022, watch for more product innovations with our strategic alliances.”

The general move to provide NVMe/TCP as an upgrade to existing iSCSI deployments is widespread, with support from  Dell EMC (PowerStore), Fungible, NetApp, Pavilion Data, StorONE, and VMware in 2021.

Toshiba added NVMe/TCP support to its Kumoscale product in 2019. HPE and Pure Storage have yet to add support.