GigaIO debuts mini supercomputer on wheels for the edge

GigaIO and SourceCode have announced the launch of Gryf, a carry-on suitcase-style supercomputer. This co-designed GPU server features composable GPUs, storage, and additional resources.

GigaIO Gryf roll-along case
Gryf roll-along case

GigaIO composes CPUs, GPUs, and other accelerators with its FabreX memory fabric software. FabreX can disaggregate and reaggregate GPUs and other system components to enable optimal hardware configurations for each workload. SourceCode is a hardware co-design company building embedded, edge, and datacenter systems. It knows about ruggedized system design and co-design manufacturing.

Before now, edge data either had to be sent to a datacenter for processing and analysis, or its processing was limited to the compute and storage capacity at the edge, much restricting processing scope. Now, according to GigaIO, GPU server-class compute can be moved to the edge and set up appropriately for the workloads needed, using a roll-along case fitting in an airplane’s overhead locker.

GigaIO CEO Alan Benjamin said: “With AI becoming more pervasive, there is a growing segment of the edge market clamoring for a meaningful amount of accelerated compute locally. This is true for our Department of Defense customers, who have emphasized the critical need for timely and actionable intelligence in the field.”

He said Gryf provides those customers with the GPU, compute, and storage capabilities they need “in today’s sensor-rich edge environments.”

Disassembling GigaIO Gryf carry-on
Disassembling Gryf carry-on

A Gryf system chassis can mix up to six AMD 7003 CPUs, Nvidia L40S accelerators, storage, and network sleds. FabreX software can cluster up to five Gryfs in a Swarm, with each being configurable on-demand via software or interchanging sleds. Each Gryf unit can access and share sled components across all five connected chassis in an all-to-all topology.

GigaIO Gryf sled details
Gryf sled details

A single Gryf unit can achieve up to 91.6 TFLOPS of FP32 performance, 733 TFLOPS of FP16 performance, and 1,466 TFLOPS of FP8 performance. The total performance of a Gryf Swarm scales to a 458 TFLOPS of FP32, 3,665 TFLOPS of FP16, and 7,330 TFLOPS of FP8. 

A storage sled has up to 246 TB of capacity with 8 x 30 TB NVMe E1.L format SSDs. A  Swarm can contain up to 1.23 PB.

Three-node GigaIO Gryf Swarm diagram
Three-node Gryf Swarm diagram

Gryf is available now from both GigaIO and SourceCode, with delivery in Q3. Early access units configured for intelligence community workloads are scheduled for June. Gryf is manufactured in SourceCode’s US-based ITAR compliant co-design manufacturing facility. 

Visit SourceCode’s booth (#109) at GEOINT 2024 in Kissimmee, May 6-9, for more information. Download a Gryf datasheet here.