Egnyte adds Microsoft Purview-compatible labeling for heightened security

Content collaborator Egnyte is adding a Microsoft Purview-compatible document classification label feature that integrates with security partners’ products.

Egnyte provides enterprise file-based collaboration services. Purview is a Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution in which Office users can add hierarchically graded labels to data items to restrict access. Egnyte users can have their content scanned and have access security level labels added to prevent improper access.

Vineet Jain, Egnyte
Vineet Jain

Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain said in a statement: “The complexity of today’s cyber threats demands a proactive and unified approach to protect companies’ most valuable and risk-exposed data assets — their content … With the launch of our content security ecosystem, we are enabling …  customers to leverage our AI-driven insights to gain even more control over their data, ensuring an even more thorough and responsive security posture.”

The document-labeling integration works with various DLP, digital rights management (DRM), and endpoint detection and response (EDR) products to automatically create labels in Egnyte based on content classification and categorization techniques. This includes using generative AI to apply metadata to the content. Egnyte security partners include Netskope, Zscaler, CrowdStrike, and SkyHigh Security.

Files can be scanned for sensitive data content according to user-defined policies and selections from a pre-built menu of regulations and laws around the world. Egnyte says this is more reliable and faster than having content manually checked with sensitivity information added to a file’s metadata. The process uses AI to classify content based on hundreds of patterns (e.g. bank account number, social security number, CPT code for medical procedures, health insurance claim number) and document type (e.g. NDA, RFI, resume).

It can also use sensitive data labels detection by external DLP systems.

When sensitive data is located, Egnyte’s software will apply access controls to it. Customers can build document safeguard policies to restrict access and prevent misuse of sensitive information. They can use these labels to enforce tactical DLP actions, such as preventing sensitive data exfiltration by stopping external sharing and copying to secondary drives, to help secure their content management environment.

A dashboard shows sensitive information across storage locations such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces, on-prem file servers, and Egnyte’s own cloud.

Egnyte is exhibiting these features and its AI-powered intelligent content features at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California, May 6-9, at booth 4229.