Dremio paddles harder in the growing lakehouse market with product improvements

Unified data lakehouse platform Dremio has unveiled new capabilities that are designed to help its Apache Iceberg-driven lakehouse continue to challenge in the data analytics market.

Dremio global customers include Maersk, Amazon, Regeneron, NetApp, and S&P Global. Customers use the technology to control and power their data mesh, data warehouse migration, data virtualization, and unified data access projects and workloads.

Using open source Apache Iceberg and Apache Arrow, Dremio claims it can provide an open lakehouse architecture that delivers platform flexibility and “fastest time to insight” at a “fraction of the cost” compared to rivals.

The vendor has just announced partner-driven collaborations that bring the lakehouse to “every environment” for all of a customer’s data. Additionally, Dremio has detailed new capabilities that enhance its “price-performant” SQL data engine, making it “even faster,” “easier to use,” and more broadly integrated across the analytics and AI ecosystem.

“Dremio is committed to enhancing our customers’ analytical capabilities, no matter where their data resides,” said Sendur Sellakumar, CEO of Dremio. “Teams need easy-to-use, self-service tools to swiftly extract value from their data. We’re continually advancing our core capabilities and innovating to help global customers meet critical business objectives and stay ahead of the competition.”

As part of the delivery effort, Dremio has signed two new go-to-market partnerships. Cloud data storage player VAST Data is building up its existing partnership with Dremio, with the introduction of its Zero Trust Lakehouse Platform with Dremio offering. And STACKIT, which offers a lakehouse platform service to European enterprises to meet stringent data residency requirements, is now aligned with Dremio’s technology too.

On the technical enhancement side, Dremio’s SQL engine has been speeded further with Reflections Query Acceleration technology. Improvements include recommendations for optimal query acceleration usage, scheduled Reflections for up-to-date data access, and incremental updates for streamlined management and cost reduction, “advancing towards autonomous Reflections,” said Dremio.

Boosting its open source credentials, the supplier has now incorporated Nessie into its software, with these capabilities simplifying data engineering with Git-like workflows on lakehouse data, enabling users to run production workloads with end-to-end Dremio support for a Nessie-native Apache Iceberg catalog.

In addition, more GenAI capabilities for “faster insight” have been added to the platform. GenAI Text-to-SQL enables intuitive querying through natural language, while advanced GenAI-driven data descriptions and labelling facilitate “fast, accurate data discovery and curation.”

The product and service updates come after Dremio hired ex-Splunk chief cloud officer Sendur Sellakumar as its CEO and president last year.