It’s got your back: Cohesity launches DataProtect-as-a-Service in Europe

Cohesity has expanded its Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) geographical coverage from the USA to Europe, using AWS data centres in the region, with a Disaster Recovery service coming along in a few months or so.

It launched its DataProtect-as-a-Service offering in the USA in October last year, saying it was part of an overall DMaaS (Data Management-as-a-Service) strategy for its product offerings.

Cohesity’s Richard Gadd.

Richard Gadd, Cohesity’s VP for EMEA sales, alerted Cohesity’s partners, saying “Not only does the expansion of our SaaS offering to Europe empower customers to further simplify data management, but also gives our European partners the opportunity to add their unique value and resell the solution through our distribution channels or via AWS Marketplace.”

Cohesity DataProtect-as-a-Service is managed through the Helios cloud-based console and supports data sources such as VMware, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Microsoft 365 SaaS applications, Amazon Relational Database Service, Elastic Compute Cloud instances and compute infrastructure.

Cohesity DMaaS. (Screenshot)

The SiteContinuity DRaaS offering will enable automated disaster recovery of applications and data to the AWS cloud, using on-demand cloud resources instead of a secondary data centre.

Cohesity will still sell its on-premises cluster products and they can be used with its SaaS offerings in a hybrid system and managed through the Helios UI. We can expect more examples of Cohesity’s product offerings moving to the SaaS model, using its preferred cloud provider Amazon, in the next several quarters. We think DataProtect-as-a-Service and SiteContinuity-as-a-Service can also be expected to pop up in other regions of the globe as well, such as Asia-Pacific.