Quantum takes wraps off subscription private cloud storage

Nasdaq-listed Quantum Corporation may be having financial reporting problems – facing a stock market de-listing as a result – but it has not gone quiet on the product front.

It has just launched Quantum GO – a private cloud subscription model – to “meet growing data demands and cost objectives.” This launch comes after last month unveiling two all-flash appliances as part of its deduping backup target product set.

Public cloud storage can generate high and unpredictable costs, and it can be difficult for organizations to estimate and purchase years of storage requirements in advance. The vendor claims Quantum GO offers customers a private cloud experience with a low initial entry point, and low fixed monthly payment options.

Quantum GO is said to be especially beneficial for customers who need long-term archiving, the ability to create massive data lakes for AI/ML, or who want to build private clouds using the supplier’s ActiveScale object storage software.

Each Quantum GO implementation is managed and monitored by Quantum support. The offering is available in flexible durations, with either monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. There are also options for deferred initial costs and payments, to help customers secure the subscription that meets their needs.

Key GO benefits marketed by Quantum include a public cloud experience in customers’ datacenters, a cloud-like support experience where the infrastructure is deployed and managed for them, and the ability to store and access data for optimal workflow without worrying about unpredictable egress or other access fees.

Better control and security over data is also being trumpeted, with the solution installed in customers’ own datacenters or third-party data spaces as a secure private cloud solution. Always up-to-date technology through full solution management and monitoring is cited too.

“Quantum GO provides our customers with seamless access to our end-to-end data management solutions,” declared Ross Fujii, chief customer officer at Quantum. “By offering flexible payment options, we aim to alleviate the financial burden associated with initial purchases, upgrading or expanding data management platforms, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives.”

The data firm’s reporting problems came to light at the beginning of the year. They relate to an accounting issue connected to component pricing in product bundles. This has affected the firm’s ability to file SEC reports for its second and third quarters of fiscal 2024.