Storage Ticker – May 3, 2024

Storage news
Storage news

Dremio is partnering with STACKIT, a data-sovereign cloud provider in Europe to provide European organizations with the first fully managed, cloud-based lakehouse offering capable of meeting today’s data residency requirements. STACKIT is the Schwarz Group’s cloud and colocation provider and belongs to the Schwarz Digits IT and digital division.

Hyve Solutions has become a design partner for the Nvidia HGX platform, helping its focus on accelerating datacenter artificial intelligence (AI) architectures. 

Infinidat and Index Engines are announcing support for VMware datastores to InfiniSafe Cyber Detection. Infinidat’s InfiniSafe Cyber Detection is powered by Index Engines’ CyberSense for the the InfiniBox SSA and InfiniBox. The two have been partnering for a year. The newest InfiniSafe Cyber Detection release enables deep forensic scanning of VMware datastores operating on an InfiniBox or InfiniBox SSA platform and protected via guaranteed immutable snapshots provided within InfuzeOS – the  platform’s data services layer. When an attack occurs, CyberSense generates comprehensive forensic reports detailing the scope, pinpointing locations, and providing insights into the most recent clean versions of the affected files, facilitating swift recovery through InfiniBox.

Micron says it’s the first to ship monolithic 32Gb DRAM die-based 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory in speeds up to 5,600 MTps on all leading server platforms. Praveen Vaidyanathan, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Compute Products Group, boasted “AI servers will now be configured with Micron’s 24GB 8-high HBM3E for GPU-attached memory and Micron’s 128 GB RDIMMs for CPU-attached memory to deliver the capacity, bandwidth and power-optimized infrastructure required for memory intensive workloads.”

MongoDB announced new capabilities for MongoDB Atlas that make it faster and easier to build, deploy, and run apps with the performance and scale organizations require. Now generally available, MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing enables developers to take advantage of data in motion and data at rest to power event-driven applications  that can respond to changing conditions. MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes – generally available on AWS and Google Cloud, and now in preview on Microsoft Azure – provide dedicated infrastructure for generative AI and relevance-based search workloads that use MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and MongoDB Atlas Search. Now available in public preview, MongoDB Atlas Edge Server, a local instance of MongoDB, gives developers the capability to deploy and operate distributed applications in the cloud and at the edge.

Data protector NAKIVO reports 10 percent revenue growth in the EMEA market in Q1 2024. Of the total revenue, 60 percent came from the EMEA region, 29 percent from the Americas, and 11 percent from the Asia-Pacific region. The highest-growing producers of revenue in Q1 2024 for NAKIVO were Panama and Thailand. NAKIVO’s revenue grew more than 100 percent quarter-on-quarter in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Morocco, Norway, Panama, Philippines, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, among others. NAKIVO has over 28,000 paid customers in 183 countries. The customer base grew by 12 percent in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023. 

Pure Storage has a 150TB Direct Flash Module (DFM) coming later this year. Bill Cerreta, GM for Pure’s hyperscale business, posted an image of it in a LinkedIn post. He said Pure has shipped almost 800,000 DFMS in the seven years since its first ship. “We’re shipping 75TB modules at volume now, and customers are telling us these mega-sized drives are exactly what’s needed for AI.” But: “In 2024, we’ve got something larger brewing in the lab, and I thought I’d give you a peek.” What a tease!


Rambus announced availability of its family of DDR5 server Power Management ICs (PMICs), including an extreme current device for high-performance applications. It says it offers module manufacturers a complete DDR5 RDIMM memory interface chipset supporting a broad range of datacenter use cases.

IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl is working with Rubrik in a global strategic alliance to build cyber resilient environments for its customers worldwide. As part of the strategic alliance, Rubrik collaborated with Kyndryl to co-develop and launch Kyndryl Incident Recovery with Rubrik – a fully managed as-a-service offering providing customers with data protection and cyber incident recovery, backup, and disaster recovery for cloud and on-premises workloads. 

Taiwan-based TrendForce research house has published QLC NAND market numbers showing Samsung (45% share) and Sk hynix subsidiary Solidigm (32 percent) in the lead. 

It predicts shipments of QLC enterprise SSD bits to reach 30 exabytes in 2024 – increasing fourfold in volume from 2023, with AI Inference servers a key market.

SK hynix says its HBM from 2024 output is already sold out, while that from 2025 is almost sold out. It’s  planning to provide samples of 12-high HBM3E with industry-best performance in May, and enable the start of mass production in 3Q. It says the total volume of data generated globally in the AI era is forecast to jump to 660 zettabytes in 2030 from 15ZB in 2014. It’s planning to introduce new memory – such as HBM4, HBM4E, LPDDR6 – 300TB SSD CXL Pooled Memory Solution, and Processing-In-Memory products. MR-MUF is a core technology for HBM packaging. It plans to adopt Advanced MR-MUF for realization of 16-high HBM4, while preemptively reviewing Hybrid Bonding technology.

Starburst announced that Apache Iceberg Project Management Committee (PMC) Member since 2018 and former Tabular Cofounder, Carl Steinbach, has joined Starburst’s R&D team bringing deep expertise in lakehouse technology. Additionally, Starburst is announcing more support for Iceberg on the heels of three major product capabilities announced last month: streaming ingestion, managed Iceberg tables, near-real-time data pipelines. hat should make deploying and operating an Icehouse architecture easier than ever.