Dell EMC to use Druva for Backup-as-a-Service

Scoop! Dell EMC is in negotiations with Druva to offer the startup’s backup as a service and will announce the deal in weeks, according to industry sources.

The tie-up would give Dell a competitive tool to combat the new wave of as-a-service data management suppliers such as Clumio, Cohesity and HYCU. It would also give Druva a shortcut to Dell’s huge enterprise base.

Druva CMO Thomas Been declined to confirm discussions, pointing us instead to a deal between the two companies. “Our offering is available to Dell Technologies customers through their Extended Technologies Complete program, which provides customers with a portfolio of complimentary third-party offerings for Dell Technologies solutions.”

We had a good rummage in the Dell Tech catalog but were unable to find details of this arrangement. Maybe our search skills were at fault, so we asked Druva to point us in the right direction. We have yet to hear back.

We also asked Dell EMC and a spokesperson told us: “I looked into Druva and what I can tell you is that they’re a member of our Extended Technologies Complete program, which offers customers a portfolio of third-party offerings that can be used alongside our products.”

Let’s remind you that EMC once had its own in-cloud backup services firm – Spanning, which it acquired in 2014. EMC was in turn bough by Dell in 2016, which then sold Spanning Cloud Backup to Insight Venture Partners in 2017. Now it’s part of Kaseya.

Dell Capital is an investor in Druva.