Dell EMC PowerProtect X400 makes quiet exit from the planet

Dell EMC launched the PowerProtect X400 appliance in May 2019, GA’d in July. And then what? Not an awful lot, judging from this November 2020 Evaluator Group report (paywall) on PowerProtect, which reveals “PowerProtect X400 was discontinued in Aug. 2020 in favour of emphasising the stand-alone options.”

This may be a record of sorts, going from GA (general availability to EOL (end of life) in just over 12 months.

We asked Dell EMC what happened to the X400 Appliance. A spokesperson told us: “In an effort to simplify our data protection appliance portfolio and meet the evolving needs of our customers, we made the decision in 2020 to focus our integrated data protection appliance efforts on the PowerProtect DP series.

“The software that powers the X400, PowerProtect Data Manager, remains available in our portfolio and writes to existing and new PowerProtect appliances. We now offer an integrated PowerProtect appliance with the new PowerProtect DP series and a target-based PowerProtect appliance with the PowerProtect DD series.”


The X400 Appliance was announced as Dell EMC’s PowerProtect reveal in May 2019. This was new data protection and management software that supported three hardware products; the IPDA DP Series products running Avamar software for SMB customers, and (later) the DD Series (Data Domain) backup targets. The X400 ran with the PowerProtect software and stored the backups.

PowerProtect HW in May 2019.

It was both a scale-up and scale-out system but had limited data reduction in that deduplication was restricted to just one X400 enclosure (or cube) in the scale-out design.