NetApp tops customer survey for block and file storage

NetApp is ranked the top supplier for block and file storage by end users in a survey of European and US companies.

Coldago, a small data storage research firm, surveyed end users in 1,123 US companies and 560 European companies, in the UK, Germany and France, in January 2020. Half the users worked at enterprise-sized companies and half worked at SMEs.

The survey participants answered 20 questions about their preference for storage technologies such as data protection choices, software-defined storage adoption, virtual SAN adoption by supplier, file, block and object storage supplier preferences and others.

The answers are filtered by US or European respondents and charted in order of US respondent rankings.

We have picked out the file and block charts to provide a sample of what you can find in the report. Here is the block storage array supplier choices chart.

Dark grey bars – US. Light grey bars – Europe.

NetApp, Dell EMC and Hitachi Vantara are the highlighted top three. The dark grey bars indicate US respondents and the lighter grey bars indicate European respondents. Pure ranks fourth and Infinidat fifth, ahead of IBM and HPE. US respondents rate Pavilion Data Systems higher than DDN while European respondents flip the positions.

A file supplier chart is next; 

NetApp is top, again, with Qumulo in second place, ahead of Dell EMC with its long-established Isilon product. Pure is fourth and DDN is fifth, and newcomer VAST Data is in sixth place, ahead of Hitachi Vantara. VAST would be in twelfth place based on European preferences alone. 

The final question asked users about their persistent memory plans.

Forty-five per cent of USA respondents and 39 per cent of their European counterpart plan to adopt the technology, which is also known as storage-class memory. It is already used and deployed by nine per cent of US respondents and four per cent of European respondents.

Coldago’s report is free to access, requiring only the input of an email address to receive the 23-page document.