Google Cloud serves up three-decker Backup-as-a-Service club sandwich

Actifio, Cohesity and HYCU have declared their support for Google Cloud Platform with backup-as-a-service versions of their software.

The three backup suppliers announced their services today at Google Cloud Next ’19 in San Francisco. This is further evidence of Google ramping up its enterprise cloud business under the management of ex-Oracle exec Thomas Kurian.

Let’s take a brief look at the three products.

Actifio Go Backup-as-a-Service

Actfio announced its GO for VMware service in February. Go for VMware uses Actifio’s Sky data moving technology to take incremental forever copies of vSphere virtual machines and put them into in AWS (S3, S3 IAS), Azure (Blob Hot, Blob Cold), GCP (Nearline, Regional, Coldline), IBM COS and Wasabi’s public cloud object stores.

The public cloud backup copy can be recovered via a direct mount and storage vMotion used to move it back on-premises.

Now Actifio Go Backup-as-a-Service is available in the GCP Marketplace for use on the Google Cloud Platform.

Cohesity SaaS and GCP

Cohesity Cloud Backup Service for Google Cloud provides enterprise-level backup and recovery for applications on GCP, eliminating the need for Google Cloud customers to deploy on-premises backup software and infrastructure. There is a single SaaS-based dashboard for all management tasks with consumption-based pricing that is integrated with GCP billing.


HYCU, a Nutanix-focused backup supplier, can now be considered to be a Google Cloud specialist too. The company is backing Google Cloud Services, with Google Cloud SQL the first service to be supported. It previously launched HYCU Backup as a GCP Service. This is a fully managed backup as a service for customers running their applications and databases on virtual machines running on Google’s Cloud.

HYCU says its Backup-as-a-Service is a cloud native, elastic service that grows and shrinks with customers’ needs. It is available on the Google Marketplace. There are no agents to install and zero deployment effort.

Support for Google Cloud SQL includes:

  • Automated Discovery of all Cloud SQL instances and databases
  • One Click data protection for Cloud SQL instances
  • Granular recovery of databases
  • Automation for one-click, dev and test copy management

The HYCU support for Google Cloud SQL service is available this quarter and more Google Services support is set to follow.