Cohesity says: We will bring applications to the data and tackle your infrastructure sprawl

Cohesity has launched an applications marketplace that will enable customers to buy third party apps on its Data Platform.

The company says the initiative brings applications to the data and enlists the help of ESG senior analyst Christophe Bertrand to tell us why this is important: “Bringing applications to the data, versus data to the applications, helps enterprises increase data intelligence and reduce infrastructure sprawl that contributes to the problem of data silos and mass data fragmentation.”

At launch four third-party and three in-house applications are available on the Cohesity MarketPlace.

The third-party apps are:

  • Splunk Enterprise – for data set analysis and investigation
  • SentinelOne Anti-Virus – check virus contamination using SentinelOne’s libraries
  • Clam Anti-Virus open-source application – runs directly on file data in the data platform
  • Imanis Data: backup NoSQL workloads into the data platform

The Cohesity applications are:

  • Insight: Search data as it is stored on the data platform for compliance, legal, or day-to-day business needs
  • Spotlight: Monitor modifications to file data to check for a potential internal or external security breach, like a ransomware attack. Search audit logs and obtain alerts on who is creating, modifying, accessing, or deleting files
  • EasyScript: Access to script creation elements, along with Cohesity APIs and sample scripts

Open Sesame!

Cohesity makes master versions of secondary data and provides copies to developers and applications that need them, and converges separate secondary data stores – backups, near line filers, archives, etc. – into a single silo called the Cohesity Data Platform. This saves storage space and eases management.

With the Pegasus v6.3 release, Cohesity has opened its data platform via a software development kit (SDK) that provides APIs, documentation and tools for building a custom Data Platform direct access app.

Cohesity and direct access to its Data Platform.

Direct access apps give customers faster access to stored data as they no longer have to tell the Cohesity software to make a copy of selected stored data and then provide access to this copy for their application. Now the application can work directly on the data, saving time.

Daniel Bernard, SentinelOne CMO, said; “By running the SentinelOne Nexus Application on the Cohesity DataPlatform, customers get next generation AI-powered threat prevention without having to transfer any files or connect their clusters to the internet, ensuring a greater degree of protection across all enterprise data, no matter where it is stored.”

For more information tune in to Cohesity founder and CEO Mohit Aron’s video presentation about direct access – Bringing Smartphone-like Simplicity to Secondary Data and Applications.