E8 practises scales for BeeGFS singalong

E8, the NVMe-oF array supplier, is backing up ThinkParQ’s clustered parallel file system to deliver files faster to high performance computing customers.

ThinkParQ’s product is called BeeGFS, an open source file system, and is an alternative to Lustre and Spectrum Scale, formerly known as GPFS. It has thousands of users worldwide.

BeeGFS schematic

BeeGFS is a scale out system with client software accessing storage servers. These can use flash, ordinary or shingled disk drives, with BeeGFS providing parallel access for IO speed.

E8’s NVME-oF storage combines scale-out all-flash arrays with NVMe-over-Fabrics access to give low latency, high-bandwidth access to data. These arrays can use Optane persistent memory for added performance. E8 storage agents on the BeeGFS nodes link to the E8 arrays and complete the path between BeeGFS clients and the backing E8 data stores.

E8 array

Customers that require access to very large volumes of data can meet or exceed capacity requirements by adding as many nodes as needed, according to E8 and ThinkParq. They said their combined system can also meet performance needs, for small and large files.

You can get comprehensive BeeGFS documentation here.