HyperGrid CEO takes a hike

HyperGrid CEO Nariman Teymorian has been replaced by co-founder Manoj Nair.

The firm was founded as GridStore in 2009 by Nair, COO Mark Mitchell, now departed Chief Strategy Officer Kelly Murphy, and also departed Chief Architect Antoni Sawicki and Principle Engineer Tomasz Novak. Nair was Chef Product Officer before taking on the top slot.

Manoj Nair

GridStore was a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) startup using the Hyper-V hypervisor instead of vSphere; some what unusual at the time.

It evolved into selling the HyperCloud HCI-as-a-service portfolio in 2016 financed by new funding, and enabled through a DCHQ acquisition.

That was the year when Teymourian became the CEO, and chairman, and it changed its name to HyperGrid.

There were a set of exec departures in late 2017, with co-founders Sawicki and Novak leaving at that time.

Then, in 2018, it pivoted again, becoming a hybrid cloud management platform company with its HyperCloud offering;

Altogether HyperGrid has taken in $93 million in funding in seed, A, B and C-rounds, with the B and C-rounds both taking place in 2018.

Now a CEO change has taken place. Ex-CEO Nariman Teymourian issued a statement saying: “I recruited Manoj almost three years ago and I could not think of a better leader to take my role. Manoj has both my support and that of the board to take on this responsibility.”

A prepared quote from Nair said: “The HyperGrid leadership team and I will work to continue driving technology innovation, as well as further build out our sales, distribution and marketing functions, to deliver value for our customers, employees and investors.”

An investor quote by Kevin Dillon, Managing Partner at Atlantic Bridge Capital, said: “The leadership Manoj has provided since day one, make him a natural fit for the CEO position as the company moves into this logical next step of its evolution and drives to the next levels of success.”

A coming webinar shows HyperGrid is moving ahead on hybrid cloud management issues;

HyperGrid is moving forward from its hyper-converged roots to a hybrid cloud management world, with a new CEO to push the strategy ahead.

Note. Updated with HyperGrid announcement.