San Francisco Giants bags $15K savings with Cohesity gig

 Cohesity has knocked Veeam, BackupExec and Data Domain out of the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Cohesity says the Giants saved more than $15,000 per year due to the elimination of the co-location site and lower maintenance and service costs. The baseball team also reduced backup time by 50 per cent with the new set-up.

 The San Francisco Giants is using Cohesity to backup and consolidate its data infrastructure, including video files and scouting reports, and use public cloud infrastructure behind the on-premises IT kit as a backup target.

Several years ago the Giants’ IT team moved to Pure Storage for virtualization storage with EMC Isilon for file storage, managing about 125TB of data at the time, including video, publications, photos, and archives. 

They used Veeam and Symantec Backup Exec to back up to a Data Domain appliance which replicated data to an off-site co-location facility.

The IT team reckoned the software and systems involved wouldn’t be able to cope with a large influx of data due to greater use of video and tracking technology on the field.

The Giants worked with system integrator Groupware Technology, Inc. and deployed Cohesity’s DataPlatform and DataProtect with C2300 hyperconverged nodes. Amazon Glacier is used for long-term storage and the Giants aims to deepen its use of the public cloud. Some 350TB of data is currently involved, and expected to grow.

The roadmap sees the Giants using Cohesity’s SQL clone and copy attach feature on its SQL database for its test/dev operations, with full cloning of a database to any SQL server or instance using native APIs. This will enable the baseball side of the house to reference database snapshots for troubleshooting and analysis.

Comment  A contract win in which Veeam knocks out BackupExec and Data Domain would not be a surprise, but a win which sees Cohesity knock out Veeam is a turn up for the books. The Giants are a marquee customer and the purchase details might reflect its value to Cohesity.  It will be interesting to see if the Cohesity’s answer to a Veeam/BackupExec/Data Domain and a co-lo offsite facility scheme appeals to a wider audience.