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Weka beats DDN, Supermicro Optane and Dell EMC PowerScale in stacks of STAC benchmarks

STAC benchmarks show WekaIO filesystem software running on Amazon cloud EC2 instances can deliver record-breaking tick analytics performance for the financial services industry, beating...

Intel teases short-ruler Optane drive with speed boost and NAND SSD to OCP

Intel is set to increase the speed of its Optane P5800X drive and label it the P5801X. And it's also working on the D7-P5520...

GridGain gets big speed boost from app-direct Optane

In-memory computing supplier GridGain is gaining 10x-100x speed boost by supporting Optane PMem and Intel’s AVX-512 instructions. GridGain provides an in-memory facility for running transactions,...

Micron’s 3D XPoint departure is not good news for Intel Optane

Analysis. Micron’s decision, announced yesterday, to scrap 3D XPoint development and sell its Lehi fab, which makes XPoint chips for itself and Intel, has...

MemVerge delivers big genomic sequencing speed boost, with a little help from Optane

MemVerge has announced its BigMemory Optane-boosted DRAM system delivered a 25X increase in genomic sequencing speed at Analytical BioSciences. Analytical BioSciences (ABio) is a single cell...

GigaIO composability switch delivers shared Optane memory

GigaIO announced yesterday it is using silicon from Microchip in its FabreX PCIe 4.0 network fabric to dynamically compose server systems and share memory,...
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Phison PCIe gen 4 SSD is faster than Optane SSD

Phison is showcasing an unreleased PCIe 4.0 controller CES 2021 that is faster than Intel's P5800X Optane SSD. Update: PCIe Gen 4 bus saturation point...

Hedge fund’s Intel shake-up call. What are the implications for Optane?

A New York hedge fund spoiled Intel's Christmas with calls for the company to get its act together. Dan Loeb, CEO of Third Point,...

Intel launches three new Optane drives. One is world’s fastest data centre SSD

Intel has launched three new Optane drives, all faster than their predecessors, including one it dubs “the world’s fastest data centre SSD”. Speaking at the...

Micron to duke it out with Optane on memory

Micron told the Sanford C. Bernstein Operational Decisions Conference last week that it has 3D XPoint SSD and memory DIMM roadmaps. This will take...