Optane in the membrane: Cloudian’s HyperStore flashes its SSD, Intel memory credentials

Cloudian has added SSD support and Optane-readiness to its HyperStore object storage product, aiming it at performance-intensive workloads such as analytics and ultra-rapid data restore.

The California storage firm claimed flash-optimised HyperStore delivers more than 3X better price/performance than competitive flash-based object storage systems. All-flash HyperStore Flash 1000 and hybrid flash/disk 1500 systems in Cloudian’s hardware product portfolio accompany the existing capacity-optimised Xtreme and 4000 series products.

Jon Toor.

Jon Toor, Cloudian CMO, gave out a quote: “Our new flash solution … includes an industry-first feature that automatically manages data across flash and HDD-based platforms to deliver the optimal mix of performance, cost and capacity.”

A Cloudian spokesperson claimed: “Cloudian can deliver over 2GB/sec read throughput per node, which exceeds the performance claimed by other systems that cost significantly more…. Unlike other vendors that obscure their performance by assuming benefits from data compression or deduplication, Cloudian’s performance is stated as actual throughput.”

The HyperStore SW supports deploying flash and HDD-based nodes within an adaptive hybrid architecture featuring tiering less frequently used data from flash to lower-cost HDD-based storage.

The HyperStore Flash 1000 has a 1U chassis holding 12 hot swap NVMe SSDs, two of which are for metadata. It has 76.8 or 153.6TB  of raw storage capacity. 

HyperStore Flash 1000.

The 1500 has 12 hot-swap 3.5-inch disk drives (8TB, 10TB, 12TB or 14TB) and up to 2 hot-swap 960GB 2.5-inch SSDs for metadata inside its 1U enclosure. 

HyperStore 1500.

Competing products include Pure Storage’s FlashBlade, Dell EMC’s ECS line, NetApp StorageGRID and Scality RING systems.

As Cloudian also has a HyperFile front end for HyperStore the concept of unified file-object storage systems, being promoted by Pure Storage amongst others, gets a fillip. HyperStore being Optane-ready also helps Intel’s push into storage-class memory.

Check out more HyperStore 1000 and 1500 details on a downloadable datasheet. The flash-optimised HyperStore is available in both a software-only form and as the HyperStore Flash 1000 Series appliance. Cloudian says HyperStore is certified with NVMe suppliers such as Intel and Kioxi,a and is Optane-ready for even greater performance in the future.