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Your occasional storage digest, featuring Micron, SK Hynix, Swiftstack and Dropbox

Some enterprise storage snippets for your delectation, filleted for ease of digestion. Let's start with Dropbox. Dropbox puts cold data in a Magic Pocket

NetApp adds end-to-end NVMe to mid-range storage array

A busy day yesterday for NetApp, which launched a mid-range all-flash array with end-to-end NVMe access, pushed out an ONTAP software update and introduced three support services.

No Dell, our storage array is faster than yours – Infinidat

Infinidat today boasted it makes the fastest SAN array with the lowest latency and can prove it - albeit with its own test results.

Nutanix ushers its software onto AWS

.NEXT 2019 Nutanix is moving into the hybrid cloud world in a big way by making its software available on AWS. Customers can launch...

Infinidat arrays go faster, play nice in hybrid clouds

Infinidat, the high-end array maker, today launched subscription programs, software with enhanced performance, extended array connectivity, and cloud-delivered array monitoring and analysis. The...

Samsung: Drive writes per day is not where SSD endurance is at

Samsung thinks drive writes per day (DWPD) is no longer fit for purpose as a useful measure of SSD endurance - in other words how long the...

Dell EMC’s Trident reveals a glimpse into unified mid-range storage project

Dell EMC is unifying its mid-range storage product around a single new platform, potentially called PowerStorage, based on XtremIO, with the internal codename Trident.

Dell EMC builds PowerProtect data protection platform

Dell Technologies World Dell EMC today announced new PowerProtect data protection hardware and software, along with an entry-level DP440 integrated data protection appliance. In...

Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS clusters get performance, size and capacity boost

Dell Technologies World Dell EMC has added an Isilon H5600 general scale-out file storage cluster node, using a mix of SSDs and disk drives. It comes with...

Dell EMC upgrades Unity mid-range storage arrays

Dell Technologies World Dell EMC’s new Unity XT arrays add drives, memory and CPU power, with the hybrid models getting a stronger upgrade punch than their all...