Bookings up over 800% at backup appliance firm Object First

Object First, which has developed a “ransomware-proof” backup storage appliance purpose-built for Veeam workloads, reports that its bookings for the first quarter of 2024 grew 822 percent worldwide. The company, which isn’t listed and thus doesn’t publicly report its results, didn’t drill into what the base figures were.

This is when compared to the same quarter in 2023. Growth in North America alone shows a jump in growth of 560 percent. Annual growth in EMEA, now a strategic focus for Object First, was 400 percent, we’re told.

Ootbi appliance

The figures are slightly skewed by the fact the company’s Ootbi (Out-of-the-Box-Immutability) appliance was only launched in February 2023, but increased sales generation is gaining momentum in the market overall, according to Object First.

The company says it completed 57 Ootbi deployments in Q1 2024, a 714 percent increase over Q1 2023. Of those, three brought in revenue over six figures in dollars. It recorded a 700 percent percent increase in deals that included two or more Ootbi appliances, and Object First reckons demand for the larger capacity 128 TB units grew at 1,050 percent year-over-year.

To address demand from customers to store ever-growing quantities of backup data securely, Object First announced a 192 TB appliance earlier this month. This version unlocks up to 768 TB of usable immutable backup storage per Ootbi cluster. It integrates with Veeam’s 12.1.2 release, facilitating backup storage capacities exceeding 3 petabytes, as part of a Veeam backup repository.

Customer numbers grew 300 percent worldwide, we’re told, and there was third party supplier growth of 637 percent, Object First says, again not giving a base number or final number. Recently signed up partners include Insight, Sentinel Technologies, IT2Grow, Viyu Network Solutions, Copaco, Pedab, and V-Valley.

“Building on a strong 2023, we accelerated our bookings growth in Q1 2024, anticipating the need for ransomware-proof immutable backup storage that is secure, simple and powerful,” said David Bennet, CEO at Object First. “The strong growth in our partner and customer base, especially among those leveraging our larger capacity appliances, reflects the need to secure growing volumes of backup data, and ensure rapid and complete recovery when disasters occur.”

Object First was launched in 2022, by the original and departed founders of Veeam, Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov.