Scality tops GigaOm’s enterprise object storage Radar


Research house GigaOm has placed Scality as leader ahead of Pure Storage, VAST Data, NetApp and others in the latest enterprise object storage Radar report.

GigaOm’s Radar evaluates supplier products in a technology area and locate them in a 2D circular space, a quasi-radar display screen, featuring concentric rings – leader, challenger, and new entrant. Those set closer to the center are judged to be of higher overall value. Each vendor is characterized on two axes – balancing Maturity versus Innovation and Feature Play versus Platform Play. There is an arrow indicating the supplier’s development speed over the coming 12 to 18 months, from Forward Mover, through Fast Mover to Outperformer.

This fifth annual Radar report evaluates 18 suppliers, grouping them into eight leaders, six challengers and four entrants, as the diagram illustrates: 

Scality central in GigaOm radar

Apart from Scality, the leaders are in two groups – the mature platform players Pure, Dell, NetApp, and Cloudian – and the innovative platform players – VAST, MinIO, and Weka.  IBM, Hitachi Vantara, and DDN are a trio of challenging mature platform suppliers. Nutanix is an innovative platform company, and DataCore is an innovative feature player, while OSNexus is more of a mature feature player. Scattered around the new entrants rim are Quantum, Quobyte, Softiron, and Zadara.

GigaOm rates suppliers on their key features, and Scality had the top averaged 5.0 score with Pure Storage and VAST next at 4.6, and WEKA at 4.3, but Scality distinguished itself on an emerging features comparison. There it scored 4.5, with Nutanix, OSNexus, and Pure given 4.0, NetApp at 3.5, Dell 3.0, and Quobyte and VAST at 2.5. 

Scality also led the business criteria comparison with its score of 4.8 ahead of Cloudian, Dell, and MinIO’s 4.7.

Scality has unsurprisingly made this report publicly available here via a registration form. Read it for a full description of the GigaOm criteria and a review of each supplier’s products, listing strengths and weaknesses.