Data integrity specialist Index Engines to expand channel reach


Index Engines is an AI-powered analytics engine designed to detect data corruption and ransomware threats. Its CyberSense product is currently deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide, sold through strategic partnerships.

On this week’s IT Press Tour across Silicon Valley, the company said it intends to significantly scale up its channel partner reach, building on its established technology partner relationships with Dell, IBM, and Infinidat.

Dell sells CyberSense along with its PowerProtect Cyber Recovery product, and Cybersense is white-labeled alongside Infinidat Infinisafe with Cyber Detection and IBM Storage Sentinel.

After 20 years in the market, Index Engines has an installed base of 1,400 large organizations. After initially targeting storage companies to reach end customers through strategic partnerships, it is now considering system integrators and managed service providers to help win more business.

That said, five additional partners are imminently expected to join the existing big three, and they include other storage companies.

Jim McGann, VP of strategic partnerships at Index Engines, told the IT Press Tour: “With the increased ransomware threat, managing cyber liability needs to be a priority, and backup is not enough. While you have to have the ability to recover, data integrity is key, and you need to know that your data is reliable, which is what we address with CyberSense.”

McGann said data integrity requires content analysis, involving the continuous inspection of files and databases, the search for data corruption patterns indicative of ransomware, and the utilization of hundreds of data points with AI-based machine learning.

This current quarter, CyberSense was upgraded to v8.6, with an updated alerts page, including all infections found and new threshold alerts. There is also a dashboard to analyze current and previous alerts. In addition, a new hosts page allows users to view status of selected hosts and it indicates daily activity with intuitive graphs.

We were also given a sneak preview of further substantial improvements in the forthcoming v8.7 due later this year, but we can’t make them public at the moment. Future releases will aid the channel expansion, however. Also, there will be an announcement from Index Engines on June 18 designed to further ratchet up its market reach.

As the channel expansion comes to fruition, McGann said the current pricing model would continue, priced per TB of data analyzed, with CyberSense sold over one, three, and five-year terms.

McGann said: “Our model is working, we are privately financed with no debt, and we use everything we have developed ourselves over the last 20 years. Dell and IBM tell us there is no way they could have developed what we have.”

Last September, Geoff Barrall joined the leadership team at Index Engines as chief product officer.