Rubrik buys Laminar to shore up security position

Rubrik has announced its acquisition of Laminar, a data security posture management provider, for an undisclosed amount.

Update: Laminar acquisition price added. 9 April 2024.

It says the combination will integrate cyber recovery and cyber posture across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS platforms. As part of this expansion, Rubrik plans to establish an R&D center in Israel, concentrating on cybersecurity. Rubrik’s existing R&D facilities are in India and the United States.

Mike Tornincasa, Rubrik’s Chief Business Officer, said: “Rubrik and Laminar share a common vision that cyber resilience is the next frontier in data security. Laminar’s technology, ability to execute, and vision make it a perfect complement to our strategy and … roadmap.”

Established in Tel Aviv in 2020 by Amit Shaked and Oran Avraham, Laminar has secured $67 million through seed funding (Nov 2021) and two-part Series A funding (Nov 2021 and June 2022). Given its rapid growth, the acquisition price likely exceeds the company’s total funding. [Rubrik subsequently admitted in its IPO filing (2 April 2024) that it paid $105 million for Laminar; $91 million in cash and the remainder in shares, according to Calcalist.]

Amit Shaked and Oran Avraham of Laminar, which has been bought by Rubrik

The combined companies will develop an integrated product, ensuring clients benefit from enhanced cyber recovery and posture capabilities.

Rubrik is no stranger to the implications of cyber vulnerabilities. In March, they experienced a data breach through the Fortra GoAnywhere managed file transfer service, attributed to a zero-day vulnerability.

Laminar’s first product, released in February 2022, emphasizes data visibility, privacy, and governance across multiple public cloud environments to mitigate data breaches and compliance issues. Their current offerings provide comprehensive data discovery, classification, and protection across major cloud service providers and data warehouse environments.

Data Catalog by Laminar, which has been bought by Rubrik
Laminar Data Catalog screenshot

In the realm of data security posture management, the focus is on detection, prioritizing based on risk, and safeguarding sensitive data. Rubrik, which experienced a breach through the aforementioned Fortra incident, is enhancing its cybersecurity measures in partnership with Zscaler to prevent unauthorized data exports. This acquisition furthers Rubrik’s capabilities in breach prevention.

Rubrik and Laminar claim the merger will:

  • Proactively improve cyber posture to stop cyberattacks before they happen by knowing where all of an organization’s data lives, who has access to the data, and how it’s being used.
  • Expand focus beyond just network and endpoint security to include cloud and data security.
  • Prepare for more sophisticated cyber threats with AI-driven technology.

Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder of Laminar, said in a statement: “There is a dark side to digital transformation in the form of shadow data, and more businesses are realizing they can’t protect against what they can’t see – leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks… The combination of cyber posture and cyber recovery will help create a cyber resilient future where organizations can take on any threat, at any stage of the attack.”