Gartner sees shifting players in enterprise backup

In the Gartner 2023 Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant, leaders appear more tightly grouped than before, with notable changes in other sections of the quadrant.

The Magic Quadrant is a two-dimensional chart with “Ability to Execute” on the vertical axis and “Completeness of Vision” on the horizontal axis. The chart is divided into four quadrants: Leaders and Challengers are in the upper half, while Niche Players and Visionaries occupy the lower half. A balance between execution and vision is indicated by proximity to the diagonal line running from the bottom left to the top right.

Comparing the current Enterprise Backup and Recovery Magic Quadrant with last year’s, several key differences emerge.

Gartner backup magic quadrants

Four leading companies – Commvault, Rubrik, Cohesity, and Veritas – are closely positioned. Veeam is distinct due to its superior execution capability but relatively limited vision, while Dell maintains a consistent position from the previous year, marginally trailing the other five.

A significant shift is observed with IBM. Previously in the Challengers quadrant, it has now moved to the Visionaries section, joining Druva and HYCU, both of which maintained their positions from last year.

While Acronis was categorized as a Visionary in the previous report, it now appears as a Niche Player, albeit with an improved Ability to Execute score. In the Niche Players quadrant, Zerto (recently acquired by HPE) and Microfocus have departed, while Microsoft and OpenText have made their debut, joining Acronis and Unitrends.