Zilliz offers access to database to combat AI hallucinations

Startup Zilliz has made its open source Milvus vector database available to use – on various pricing tiers starting with a freemium offering – as it attempts to grow amid the generative AI frenzy.

Generative AI processing accesses myriad quantitative measures of audio, image and other data formats, measuring weird and wonderful digital aspects of them. These are collectively called vector embeddings and need a special database schema. Zillix has developed its vector-specific Milvus database while other suppliers, such as SingleStore, are adding vector capabilities to their multi-format databases. The company claims Milvus is the fastest vector database on the planet, speeding large language model (LLLM) development.

Charles Xie, Zilliz
Charles Xie

Founder and CEO Charles Xie said: “Generative AI is going to change everything. But first we have to trust it. Developers of all sizes will need Zilliz Cloud to power their generative AI applications. And with our new pricing they can.”

Zilliz says the Achilles’ heel of LLMs is their tendency to hallucinate and make things up. It says this problem can be minimized by using an external Zilliz Cloud database of domain-specific data. By providing the LLM with correct information stored in the Zilliz Cloud, it can be made to deliver answers dependable enough for business use.

There are four pricing tiers:

  • Starter and free service tier – no charge
  • Price-optimized plan for apps not having low latency or large volume needs
  • Standard plan from $65/month for teams with <5 engineers
  • Enterprise plan from $99/month for at-scale apps and organizations

The new software release also features:

  • API support for Python, JS and also RESTful APIs.
  • Organizations and Roles so users can manage access and permissions for their team
  • Dynamic schema support so schemas can be customized with specific fields or attributes
  • Open-source Benchmarking tool to measure Zilliz Milvus performance against other offerings

You can read more about the Zilliz Cloud release on its blog.