Storage news ticker – April 14

Managed infrastructure solutions provider 11:11 Systems announced GA of the fully-managed 11:11 Managed SteelDome in partnership with SteelDome Cyber. This provides secure, scalable and cost-efficient storage of customers’ unstructured, on-premises data and uses SteelDome’s InfiniVault storage gateway for on-premises data storage, protection and recovery. 11:11 Managed SteelDome is initially available in the United States and United Kingdom, anywhere 11:11 Object Storage 2.0 is offered. Learn more about 11:11 Managed SteelDome here.

Aiven has launched free plans for its open source database services, Aiven for PostgreSQL, Aiven for MySQL, and Aiven for Redis. They are available to anyone with technical support through a newly launched community forum. The free plans include dedicated instances, daily backups, Terraform integration and more. Once initiated, Aiven free plans can be upgraded to larger, paid plans as required.

eBook by data storage virtualizer Alluxio

Data storage virtualizer Alluxio has produced a 14-page eBook called “The Ultimate Guide to Saving Data Egress Costs in the Cloud“. Alluxio asks: “Did you know major cloud service providers encourage you to put data in the cloud and charge you to get it out? Discover everything you need to know about data egress costs and never be surprised by a bill again.” It suggests five ways to somewhat reduce egress costs; they won’t go away.

Alluxio cloud egress charges

Data storage virtualizer Arcitecta has launched its  Point in Time Ransomware Rapid Recovery Solution for the media and entertainment industry. It provides studios with instant recovery from a ransomware attack, works across a studio’s existing production storage systems, is cost-effective, and is easy to deploy and use. Arcitecta will showcase the Point in Time Ransomware Rapid Recovery Solution at this year’s NAB Show, April 17-19, in Las Vegas.

Catalogic’s CloudCasa unit has launched CloudCasa for Velero, and says Velero is the most popular and battle-tested open source data protection software in the market. CloudCasa for Velero has a single console giving enterprises and service providers multi-cluster management for Velero backups, across all Kubernetes distributions and hybrid and public cloud environments. Velero users can subscribe to the CloudCasa service and catalog their existing setup for centralized management within minutes. They can centrally manage and monitor their current backups and configuration across multiple clusters and cloud providers, perform guided recoveries from both existing and new recovery points, perform cross-cloud recoveries, and address enterprise management, governance, and compliance requirements for their Kubernetes data protection environments.

Data protector Cobalt Iron has updated its Compass enterprise SaaS backup offering with data governance capabilities; policy-based controls and an approval framework for decommissioning systems and deleting data. It says these are unique to Compass and will deliver defensible data deletion and system retirement. They allow automated and auditable systems decommissioning and deletion of associated data – bringing simplicity, data governance, historical tracking of all operations, and an approval framework to the decommissioning process.

Data protector Commvault and Microsoft have run an independent study from Enterprise Strategy Group showing real world cost savings based on their joint software/service use. The two say that Commvault/Azure protects more than 1 exabyte of data. The study, titled “Analysing the Economic Benefits of Data Protection with Commvault on Microsoft Azure,” found that customers report:

  • 30 percent cost savings
  • A 38 percent reduction in data footprint
  • Thousands of hours of staff time saved 
  • Improved data security. 

DIGISTOR says that the National Security Administration has added its FIPS 140-2 L2 SSDs to the Commercial Solutions for Classified list. The DIGISTOR drives are the first and only commercial SSDs to achieve this listing, making them the only affordable, secure storage option for building DAR solutions that meet top-secret NSA-level requirements.

Hammerspace has qualified as a data orchestration system and global file system to create a global data environment for the Autodesk Flame finishing and visual effects (VFX) product family. Hammerspace is demoing this at NAB 2023 (booth N3034) and showing an Autodesk Flame artist running multi-site finishing workflows in the cloud across multiple AWS cloud instances on the Hammerspace parallel global file system with automated content orchestration. By unifying access to all content via a single global namespace, workflows can be rapidly provisioned with unprecedented flexibility to adapt to changing performance and cost requirements, even to span multiple cloud regions when needed.

RecoveryMoney blogger Dimitris Krekoukias has written his third Alletra MP blog about its file storage capabilities. He says the VAST Data SW architecture matched HPE’s architectural vision and HPE decided to OEM it. “Other offerings from the competition, like Dell EMC’s PowerScale (the artist formerly known as Isilon) or Pure’s FlashBlade, follow the architecture of having capacity per node, similar to how HCI works – and susceptible to similar challenges:

  • Lose the node, or even upgrade it – you lose the capacity on that node, and any resiliency tied to that capacity
  • No ability to have dissimilar type compute and/or capacity nodes
  • No ability to scale things independently
  • Poor data reduction due to the complexities of handling cluster-wide metadata
  • No ability to share hardware with other solutions (for example, a Pure FlashBlade can’t share hardware with a Pure FlashArray, and one can’t ever convert from one to another if there’s some large excess capacity available).

Read the post for more insight.

High-end block array supplier Infinidat’s InfiniBox and InfiniGuard products have been integrated with Veeam’s Kasten K10 Kubernetes data backup software for container-based workloads. InfiniGuard is integrated with Veeam Backup & Replication v12 and is selectable as a deduplication storage appliance directly from the Veeam console.

NAND fabber Kioxia says it aims to be achieve net-zero by its fiscal 2050 in terms of its Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (direct emissions from its business sites) and in terms of Scope 2 emissions resulting from its use of purchased energy. That gives it 27 years to achieve this. It has set a target of procuring 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources by fiscal 2040.

GPU-enhanced storage array shipper Nyriad says Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has chosen Nyriad’s UltraIO storage and DigitalGlue for its editorial and media asset management. The system supports more than 100 users and 1.5Mbps data streaming speed.

Other World Computing (OWC) has announced Jellyfish XT, a shared and portable NAS using flash-based storage with up to 360TB (720TB with extension) usable storage (up to 300TB of all flash storage in a single head unit, expandable to 1.5 Petabytes of total flash storage) and both 100Gb and 10Gb Ethernet connectivity. It supports 4k/8k/12k, VR, or AR  bitrates and is being shown at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas, April 15-19. New Innergize software is designed to monitor the health of Atlas memory cards, with tools to sanitize cards and field upgrade the firmware.

The Certified by SANBlaze test suite update, available via v10.5 and v10.5.1, supports all aspects of NVMe qualification with the addition of Open Compute Project (OCP) 1.0a and Low Power Sub-states validation. Capabilities also include PCIe Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), ZNS, VDM, TCG, SRIS/SRNS clocking, OPAL, and T10/DIF. A variety of updates for APIs and Linux are included.

Cloud data warehouser Snowflake has launched a Manufacturing Data Cloud for companies in automotive, technology, energy, and industrial sectors. They can collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers in a secure and scalable way. It offers a single, fully managed, secure platform for multi-cloud data consolidation with unified governance and elastic performance that supports virtually any scale of storage, compute, and users. It allows manufacturers to break down data silos by ingesting both IT and OT data and analyzing it alongside third-party partner data. It enables data sharing and collaboration with partners for downstream and upstream visibility across an organisation’s entire supply chain coupling its own data with data from third-party partners and data from the Snowflake Marketplace.

Research house TrendFocus estimates that there were ~10.2 million nearline disk drives shipped in the first quarter compared to 10.51 million in the prior quarter and ~18.8 million a year ago. That’s a heck of a drop. Nearline capacity shipped was ~157 exabytes, down 36% y/y and -1% q/q. Total HDD ships in the quarter were 33.5-34.9 million, down 35% at the mid-point. Other HDD market segments are shiwn in the table below;

Thanks to Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers for the source numbers

Veritas has hired Oliver Norman as VP for Channels and Alliances in EMEAI (I for India). Norman was previously Area VP at BMC Software heading up EMEA channel sales.

UK ISP Glide has partnered with virtualDCS and to offer its CloudCover 365 and Veeam Cloud Connect to customers. CloudCover 365 is a Veeam-powered self-service Microsoft 365 backup portal. It backs up all aspects of Microsoft 365, including email, contacts, public folders, Teams, documents in One Drive and the intranet service, SharePoint. Glide has spent two years using Veeam Cloud Connect for its own in-house backup.

RAID software supplier Xinnor (xiRAID) is partnering with Tuxera (Fusion File Share) and Cheetah (RAID Raptor hardware) to provide protected NAS for media and entertainment customers. The three provide high performance for sequential and multi-thread workloads over SMB Direct protocol and integrity of media content. Fusion File Share by Tuxera is a high-performance, scalable, and reliable alternative to Samba and other SMB server implementations. The Cheetah RAID Raptor 2U (below) is a high-performance server. 

Cheetah RAID satorage

xiRAID software was tested on the Cheetah platform through Tuxera’s SMB Direct implementation on relevant media loads:

  • Up to 10GBps writes and reads across the network using the SMB Direct share
  • Up to 21GBps writes and up to 33.5GBps reads on the local test to the filesystem

The test used Frametest 4 stream, 4K video and sequential read/write across the network and locally using SMB-shares on client (xiRAID RAID 5 with 5 NVMe drives and NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX 5 100GbE adapter). See the setup at NAB 2023, Las Vegas, April 15-29.

Samsung 176-layer NAND chip
Yole image of Samsung 176-layer NAND chip

Semiconductor analyst Yole has looked into Samsung’s 176-Layer 3D NAND memory and produced a report with detailed photos, precise measurements, materials analysis, physical comparison of Generations 6 and 7, manufacturing cost analysis, supply chain evaluation, cost estimation and cost comparison. Buy it for €7,990 ($8,840) here.