HPE Alletra: A storage appliance for all seasons

Sponsored Feature Managing and maintaining sufficient volumes of available storage to keep your datasets, applications and services constantly in play has never been easy, and it has only gotten more complex as cloud migration strategies have spread pools of capacity across many different on and off prem environments.

But what if you could use a single, unified management console to automatically provision, configure, manage and secure those those storage arrays irrespective of their location and choose the best pricing and consumption model to fit your company size and budget?

That’s what’s on offer from the HPE Alletra 5k/6k/9k storage portfolio, which aims to meet the variable demands of different applications and workloads, ranging from general purpose to mission critical. To that end, there are three HPE Alletra storage array families in the range – the 5000, the 6000 and the 9000 –offering a mixture of all-NVMe and SAS drive options based on the workload requirements of the customer. There’s a choice of iSCSI, NVMeOF and Fibre Channel connectivity too.

All of the HPE Alletra models can be accessed via an API through the Data Service Cloud Console (DSCC) so their raw capacity can be provisioned, configured and managed just as they would if accessing storage resources on a cloud platform. A versatile pricing model means customers can choose to pay for those services either upfront, under a monthly subscription or on a pay as you go basis via HPE Greenlake’s as a service consumption proposition.

The arrays and their associated storage services are covered by a six nines (99.9999 percent) availability service level agreement (SLA) which extends to 100 percent in the case of the mission-critical HPE Alletra 9000. That means it supports active clustering and automatic failovers to ensure minimal disruption to business operations in the event of any problems. There’s also embedded cyber security defences designed to protect the organisation and its data from ransomware attacks and other forms of malware.

Elsewhere the HPE Alletra 6000 takes advantage of the latest AMD EPYC 7002 series processors to optimise performance and energy efficiency in cramped, compute intensive environments like data centres and edge hosting locations.

Whatever the workload and wherever the location, HPE understands that the way to the hard pressed storage manager’s heart is ease of use, scalable consumption models, flexible billing options and a unified admin portal which lets them do everything they want through one highly accessible interface.

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Sponsored by HPE and AMD.