Storage news ticker – September 12

Data protector Catalogic is partnering with Kubernetes storage and software supplier Ondat. Catalogic’s CloudCasa protects Kubernetes environments with cyber-resilient, scalable backup and disaster recovery services for cloud native applications. Ondat is a container-native, software-defined storage solution for Kubernetes to run stateful workloads with high availability, scale, and security. The combined offering provides customers with a unified solution to run stateful applications on Kubernetes without worrying about availability, performance, protection, or the recovery of data, the pair say. CloudCasa integrates natively with all Kubernetes storage platforms like Ondat, and managed Kubernetes services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). CloudCasa works with Ondat to take and manage snapshots to back up and restore Kubernetes Persistent Volumes (PVs). 

DataCore is joining forces with shared storage supplier Symply to release SymplyPerifery, a streamlined media archiving appliance. It is powered by the DataCore Perifery object storage platform, developed from Caringo’s Swarm, and designed for appliances and edge devices. It integrates with workflows in production, post-production, studios, sports, and in-house creatives. Media companies can offload content from their primary online storage system (including Avid, StorNext, SAN or NAS) to a local archive for short and long-term reuse and re-monetization. The appliance includes axledit for real-time editing in the cloud; StorageDNA to simplify data protection and archiving from shared workflows; and Tiger Bridge to manage private and public cloud resources.

DataCore is announcing the latest version of its Swarm object storage software for media and entertainment applications, including content archiving, preservation, distribution, sports, broadcast, production studios, and e-sports. Swarm has enhancements for on-site and public cloud environments, including hybrid cloud enablement, improved performance for video streaming, and up to 100 prcent faster metadata search capabilities. The same features are available in appliance form as Perifery – see above.

Data protector HYCU says ransomware attacks occur on average every 11 seconds and have increased to more than 236.1 million in the first half of 2022. About 52 percent of ransomware victims suffered data loss on some level. Almost 63 percent of victims suffered an operational disruption. It says its BaaS backup tools protect customers against ransomware. HYCU and Wasabi (cloud storage with built-in object lock technology) have a newly signed strategic relationship to combat the rise of ransomware attacks. The two say their combination – HYCU backup to Wasabi target system – can help customers protect applications and achieve rapid, application-centric recovery to avoid costly egress charges.  

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says Intel will likely exit more businesses as it works to recover and rebuild its core logic business. He doesn’t say which ones, though.

NAND manufacturer Kioxia will display engineering samples of its new software-defined technology and sample hardware based on PCIe and NVMe technology at the SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC) in San Jose this week. Kioxia has produced engineering samples of the technology in its labs. It will highlight Software-Enabled Flash hardware in an E1.L form factor, with demos showing data placement control, I/O latency prioritization, copy offload, and multiple protocols running on a single hardware SKU. 

Storage Developer Conference


A report by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates, Emerging Memories Enter the Next Phase, says that emerging memories have started a growth surge and should climb to become about a $44 billion market by 2032. These new memories will displace current technologies including NOR flash, SRAM, and DRAM, replacing both standalone memory chips and embedded memories within microcontrollers, ASICs, and even compute processors, after which they will grow to create new markets of their own. The report explains how standalone MRAM and STT-RAM revenues will grow to about $1.4 billion, or over 30x 2021’s standalone MRAM revenues.  Meanwhile, embedded ReRAM and MRAM will compete to replace the bulk of embedded NOR and SRAM in SoCs, fueling even greater revenue growth. This 241-page publication documents the market with 159 figures and 36 tables, and high, baseline, and low forecasts for embedded memory on SoCs, standalone emerging memory chips, and capital equipment spending forecasts for the new tooling that will be required to support this transition.

HPC storage supplier Panasas has announced GA of its all-NVMe ActiveStor Flash and high-capacity ActiveStor Ultra XL data storage appliances, which were announced in May and were then available to order. There is also a new release of the PanFS 9.2 operating system, which has performance enhancements to move from the original ActiveStor Ultra platform that had three media types (NVMe, SATA SSD, and HDD) in each storage node to the new systems with only two storage types. ActiveStor Flash systems have two types of NVMe storage (targeting AI applications) and the ActiveStor UltraXL systems only have NVMe and HDD (targeting larger HPC applications).

Privacera, a unified data access governance supplier founded by the creators of Apache Ranger, announced the availability of its AWS Lake Formation integration in private preview, which offers data governance automation and fine-grained data access for AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS. Privacera helps enterprise data teams protect sensitive data and enable privacy across all on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud data sources while reducing time to insights by automating outdated, manual governance processes.

MSP-focused cloud backup supplier Redstor has unveiled its Smart Partner Program with:

  • Co-branded online marketplaces to simplify and accelerate sales
  • Substantially greater margins with attractive NFR and discount pricing
  • Extensive marketing, technical and sales support
  • A new Strategic Customer Advisory Board for exchanging insights with peers

Redstor’s Q3 saw continued momentum, including a more than 500 percent increase in new US partners, platform enhancements like data tagging, and the continued recruitment of senior talent such as Linda Misauer as VP of Software Security, and Douglas Sawyer as Director of Partner Acquisition.

Version 1.0 of the SNIA Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model has been released to the public. The doc describes Computational Storage Devices (CSxes), Computational Storage Processors (CSPs), Computational Storage Drives (CSDs), and Computational Storage Arrays (CSAs), and more. Read a blog here.

Quantum’s StorNext file system is available via subscription in the AWS Marketplace. Quantum says the AWS Marketplace is one of the fastest ways to deploy StorNext shared storage and lets users connect from any location to edit video in the cloud. Users can speed up post-production workflows by accessing data and collaborating remotely, eliminating the need to copy or transfer files between users.

Computational storage SSD supplier ScaleFlux has a new channel partnership with distributor TD SYNNEX.  ScaleFlux will be at OCP in October.

NAND and DRAM supplier SK hynix will build the M15X (eXtension), a new fabrication plant, in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, China, in preparation for future growth. Work will start from October on the 60,000㎡ land located in the Cheongju Technopolis industrial complex and be completed by early 2025. A total of ₩15 trillion will be injected over the next five years to build the fab and set up production facilities. The fab will be a two-story building equivalent to a combination of M11 and M12 in size. Demand for memory chips is rapidly falling in the wake of the global economic slowdown, but experts reckon the sector will start to recover steadily from 2024 and rebound in 2025. With the construction of the M15X, the company will be ready to provide more memory chips when the industry enters a boom period again.

Softiron has announced a turnkey HyperCloud intelligent cloud fabric offering. It is a fully integrated platform that removes the complexity of integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build and run a unified private or hybrid cloud. It automates the provisioning of storage, compute, networking and infrastructure services, using pre-integrated stateless building blocks. HyperCloud provides a fully functioning, multi-tenant cloud. HyperCloud is independent of all public cloud vendors.

With HyperCloud, you can deploy virtualized and containerized workloads across federated on-premises zones and public clouds, with support for secure multi-tenancy, full programmability, and full lifecycle automation all “out of the box.”

George Crump of ex-Storage Switzerland fame has been promoted to Chief Product Strategist at StorONE.