Nakivo adds Backblaze and Blob support

Nakivo has expanded its backup and replication tool kit to include more mass market and niche cloud targets.

The latest rev of its service, 10.7, extends direct to cloud backup to both Azure Blob Storage and Backblaze B2. This gives customers far more choice than the Amazon S3 and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage lineup it’s had in place since 2020.

The refresh also boosts the platform’s security credentials. Backups to all four of its cloud targets now get immutability, blunting ransomware merchants’ ability to encrypt or otherwise tamper with them, while also helping meet compliance or regulatory requirements that mandate WORM-type backups. Of course, you can still use tape or a disconnected drive as a target as well.

The firm’s love-in with Microsoft gets a further boost via tighter integration with Redmond’s 365’s offerings, adding incremental change tracking functionality, and speeding 365 backups. Nakivo already offered Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Online support, but now you can also save Teams data to onsite storage.

This is all tied together with a new Overview Dashboard, which monitors backup, replication and recovery and key solution components.

Nakivo claims 23,000 customers, up from 16,000 at the beginning of 2021, and 7000 partners, up from 5000

Last month Nakivo claimed revenues for Q2 2022 were up 29 per cent worldwide, while its customer base was up by 19 per cent. Though to what is unclear as it is not a public company.