Storage news ticker – June 21

Storage news ticker
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Spectra Logic has updated its Vail data management software, delivering access and placement of data across multi-site and multi-cloud storage: 

  • A fully qualified on-premises Glacier-like solution that enables any software with an S3 interface to have direct access to local tape or nearline object storage with the use of S3 Glacier-like commands that mimic AWS 
  • Simple S3 disk and S3 glacier tape to modernize data protection and backup applications  
  • Flexible implementation of either a global cloud-based object database for universal access or a local on-premises object database for optimized performance 
  • Support for AWS Object Lock using on-premises storage targets to protect data against ransomware and malicious activity 
  • Direct integration of any cloud services, including artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), with on-premises data using intelligent object synchronization 
  • Scheduled and instant data placement and orchestration using life cycle rules and staging interfaces 
  • Global object placement and visibility to optimize the performance, economics, and location of data

Startup Ahana has extended its August 2021 $20 million A-round by raising an additional $7.2 million. The latest round came from Liberty Global Ventures with participation from existing investor GV. Total funding is now $32 million. Ahana will use the funding to continue to grow its technical team and product development; evangelize the Presto community; and develop go-to-market programs.

Ahana also announced Ahana Cloud for Presto Community Edition, immediately available, including users of the 100,000+ downloads of Ahana’s PrestoDB Sandbox on DockerHub. It provides distributed Presto cluster provisioning and tuned out-of-the-box configurations, bringing Presto to data teams of all sizes for free. 

Canonical’s Ubuntu Core 22, the fully containerized Ubuntu 22.04 LTS variant optimized for IoT and edge devices, is now generally available for download. The release includes a fully pre-emptible kernel to ensure time-bound responses. The Ubuntu 22.04 LTS real-time kernel, now available in beta, delivers high performance, ultra-low latency, and workload predictability for time-sensitive industrial, telco, automotive, and robotics use cases, Canonical said.

DataStax has secured $115 million in private equity funding led by the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs, giving it a $1.6 billion valuation. DataStax’s valuation was $830 million in 2014. Total funding is now $343 million. It will use the capital to accelerate global expansion and for development of its Astra DB multi-cloud database and Astra Streaming streaming service, which are part of the company’s open data stack for building and running real-time applications on any cloud.

The Iguazio MLOps Platform and built-in Feature Store now offer connectivity to the Snowflake Data Cloud, with enterprise customers including Fortune 500 companies already using the joint solution. Iguazio claomed its MLOps platform can accelerate the data science process up to 12x and make more efficient use of AI resources, like GPUs, through better orchestration and automation. It now comes with a built-in Snowflake connector that powers the built-in online and offline feature store in Iguazio with data from Snowflake, allowing enterprises to access the Data Cloud to build, store, and share features that are ready for use in machine learning applications.

Kioxia has announced a 512GB product in its lineup of EXCERIA high-endurance microSD memory cards. The new product delivers sufficient performance and endurance for continuous high-resolution 4K video recordings of dashboard and surveillance cameras. It’s capable of up to 17,000 hours of cumulative use and up to 10 hours and 29 minutes of continuous 4K video recording. With a read speed of up to 100MB/sec and write speed of up to 85MB/sec, the new card supports the UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed Class 30 (V30) specifications, making it suitable for 4K video recording.

Cloud-based server fleet manager Nebulon has unveiled ImmutableBoot, a “reboot-to-recover” ransomware solution for bare-metal Linux. ImmutableBoot is built to protect application infrastructure from a ransomware attack or a misconfigured operating environment with a server reboot to a known, good operating system version. It allows operations teams to protect their application infrastructure with immutable, or “frozen,” server software, reverting infected or misconfigured operating systems and application configurations to a known, good version each time the server reboots.

Rockset, which supplies a real-time analytics platform for the cloud, today announced a new Snowflake connector for low-latency, high-concurrency analytics across streaming data from sources such as Apache Kafka, Amazon DynamoDB or MongoDB, and historical data from Snowflake. Rockset organizes data in a Converged Index, which is optimized for real-time data ingestion and low-latency analytical queries. Ingest rollups enable developers to pre-aggregate real-time data using SQL, without the need for complex real-time data pipelines. Customers can use Rockset for real-time model serving as part of the machine learning pipeline with Snowflake.

China-based SmartX has released CloudTower 2.0, a central management platform for multiple SmartX HCI product clusters across datacenters. This product update includes:

  • Cross-cluster VM migration
  • Content library
  • VM user view
  • Access control and security settings
  • Interface optimization

The SNIA’s Networking Storage Forum presents an xPU Accelerator Offload Functions webinar on June 29 at 11am PT. The presenters are Joseph White, Dell Technologies; John Kim, Nvidia; Mario Baldi, Pensando Systems; Yadong Li, Intel; and David McIntyre, Samsung. These new accelerators (xPUs) have multiple names such as SmartNIC, DPU, IPU, APU, NAPU. This second webcast in the series will take a deeper dive into the accelerator offload functions of the xPU, what problems xPUs are coming to solve, where in the system they live, and the functions they implement, focusing on:

  • Network Offloads
  • Security Offloads
  • Compute Offloads
  • Storage Offloads

Register here.

Synology has released the 4U, 60-bay HD6500 designed for super-sized storage needs. HD6500 offers petabyte-level storage with support for up to 960TB per chassis. It can be paired with up to four additional RX6022sas 60-bay expansion units for over 4PB of storage in 20U. HD6500 can deliver over 6,688MB/sec in sequential read, and 6,662MB/sec in sequential write. It’s a solution for scenarios requiring massive quantities of data such as large-scale storage for studios, video surveillance backup, and enterprise office PC backup. It has an MSRP of $16,999.99. More info here.

ReRAM developer Weebit Nano will publicly demonstrate its ReRAM IP module for the first time at the Leti Innovation Days event. It will show Weebit ReRAM functioning as a non-volatile memory block, being fed live images and retaining this data while powered off, then displaying the data separately. It will also show the speed of the ReRAM module, highlighting its faster write speed compared to typical flash memory technology. The module’s Direct Program/Erase capability and byte addressability contribute to its faster write throughput time compared to flash, which needs to access entire data sectors every time it erases/writes. The ReRAM IP module includes the ReRAM array, control logic, decoders, IOs (Input/Output communication elements), and error correcting code (ECC), as well as patent-pending analog and digital smart circuitry running algorithms which significantly enhance the memory array’s technical parameters.

Weebit Nano IP Module demo video.


Veeam Backup for Google Cloud v3 is now available. v3 adds support for MySQL backup and recovery, featuring flexible policy-based protection and recovery options. It has snapshot, backup and archive options, and is designed to restore a chosen database to the original or a different location. It features:

  • Role-based access control
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • New overview dashboard
  • Full page wizard
  • Worker’s redesign
  • Health check for backup files

The latest version of Veeam Backup for Google Cloud is available here.