Storage news ticker – May 2

Aerospike announced the GA of Aerospike Database 6 – the core engine that powers Aerospike’s Real-time Data Platform. Aerospike Database 6 gives developers an environment that supports multiple programming models to build real-time applications with a predictable performance at any scale. It is claimed to be the first real-time database with native support for JSON document models at any scale. The release adds support for Java programming models, including JSONPath query support to store, search, and better manage complex data sets and workloads. This allows Aerospike to support large-scale data models in instances across the enterprise and positions the company to add Time Series, Graph, and more data models in future releases.

Cobalt Iron, a provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, has been granted US Patent 11310237 on its technology for machine learning (ML) optimization of authentication control in Cobalt Iron Compass, its SaaS backup platform. The newly patented ML techniques continually improve authentication controls over time by learning from the results of past controls. The technology automatically adjusts authorization controls based on conditions, events, project status, access activities, etc. Compass already has the patented ability to optimize user authentication and access to IT resources dynamically based on what’s happening in the environment. This new patent extends that capability by applying new ML techniques — adding yet another layer of intelligence and security to enterprise IT resources and operations.

Data protector and manager Cohesity was named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Distributed Scale-Out File System 2022 Vendor Assessment. This is the first year this MarketScape has been published and the IDC MarketScape vendor assessment model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT (information and communications technology) suppliers in a given market. Cohesity was recognized as a Major Player based on 12 capabilities and 10 strategies criteria and metrics. We don’t get to see the full report, although Cohesity will let you see an extract which has the overall diagram:

Surprisingly Cohesity is in the lowest place – but at least it’s a contender. It is odd that WEKA is not included.

Hammerspace announced that Jellyfish Pictures, a visual effects (VFX) and animation studio, has chosen its technology for its virtual studio strategy. The Hammerspace global data environment offers artists high-performance local access to data, irrespective of where they are based, and allows rendering to be performed in the cloud without leading to workflow inefficiencies or creating multiple copies of data. Deploying Hammerspace has reportedly saved Jellyfish an average of 20 per cent in cost on cloud rendering projects by enabling content creation and leveraging the most cost-effective cloud without concern for where the content was created.

SaaS backup supplier HYCU announced enhancements to HYCU Protégé designed to counter the rise of ransomware attacks. Protégé has support for native Isilon REST APIs, including the snapshot-change-list API, for efficient and fast incremental backups. HYCU customers can scale across Isilon clusters with minimal deployment, improving overall backup SLAs and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Support extends from direct backups to on-prem or cloud-based object storage with no performance penalty. 

HYCU now supports direct backups and archives to WORM-enabled object storage on Azure (Blob) and Google Cloud (Google Cloud Storage – GCS). This builds on existing support of performing backups to AWS S3 WORM enabled object storage. Customers can centralize, simplify, and secure their application and system credentials in CyberArk Conjur Credential Store, an external Credential store, both for organization users and also for tenants. As there are no Fed Ramped SaaS offerings available today, HYCU provides a single-click migration for OnPrem workloads onto Azure Gov Cloud for a seamless, application consistent lift and shift up experience. This builds on support of Azure Gov Cloud Blob to store HYCU backups.  

Kioxia Corporation is making a donation of ¥100 million ($770,000) to support humanitarian assistance and relief for those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The donation will be made via UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Kioxia Group sincerely hopes that the conflict can be resolved as soon as possible and that peace and security will be restored in Ukraine.

At Dell Technologies World on May 3 and 4, Kioxia America and Dell will jointly conduct sessions titled “Kioxia and Dell: Together on the Forefront of Storage Technology. 2022 – the Year of Breakthrough Storage Technologies”. They will focus on the new technologies in the SSD realm that have already been seen this year, as well as those yet to be unveiled. Highlights include 24G SAS (SAS-4) bringing unprecedented speeds to SAS-equipped architectures, PCIe 5.0 technology doubling the performance of PCIe 4.0, and new form factors enabling higher performance and density than ever before. 

Unstructured data manager and analyzer Komprise was named the winner of a Silver Stevie Award in the Big Data Solutions category in The 20th Annual American Business Awards. More than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Startup of the Year, Executive of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Thought Leader of the Year and App of the Year, among others. More than 230 professionals worldwide participated in the judging process to select this year’s winners.

Data protector Nakivo announced Q1 2022 Revenue Growth of 76 per cent year-on-year in Asia Pacific. It did not say how its revenue changed overall or in North America. It said it has over 22,000 paid customers in 171 countries. The customer base grew by 24 per cent in Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021. The number of new customers grew by 21 per cent in the EMEA region, by 21 per cent in the Asia Pacific region, and by 17 per cent in the Americas. For the first time, the company gained customers from Sudan and Tanzania. 

About 240EB of nearline disk drive capacity was shipped in Q1 2022 by Seagate (c. 117.5EB, up 23 per cent year over year), Western Digital (c. 92EB up 32 per cent year over year) and Toshiba (c. 31.6EB, up 23 per cent year over year). Nearline HDDS represent around 73 per cent of total HDD capacity shipped. Non-nearline capacity shipped was around 89.4EB, down 6 per cent year over year. Thanks to Aaron Rakers of Wells Fargo for the numbers.

Server manager Nebulon announced support for 2-node management clusters on Dell PowerEdge servers with its four-minute ransomware recovery solution, TimeJump. With this announcement, Nebulon provides enterprises with a 2-node alternative for their management infrastructure with near-instant recovery capabilities that occupies a 33 per cent smaller footprint as compared to 3-node-minimum hyperconverged infrastructure systems – which can also take hours or even days to fully recover from ransomware attacks.

Object Matrix and Storage Made Easy (SME) are partnering to provide media and entertainment workflow efficiencies. The combination of Object Matrix’s MatrixStore with SME’s Enterprise File Fabric provides a media-friendly and user-friendly federated storage platform through which users can find, edit, and transfer assets to and from MatrixStore, legacy file systems and public cloud storage and securely share with external partners. The MatrixStore object storage system delivers operational efficiencies, full digital content governance, and multiple media-based workflows. SME’s Enterprise File Fabric provides file services on top of object and presents a single pane-of-glass namespace across MatrixStore and other on-premises and cloud storage irrespective of whether they are file- or object-based. Users can easily access media and other assets stored in any location as well as quickly transfer data between them. 

UK-based Redstor, which has a cloud-first backup platform for MSPs, has appointed channel sales executive Mike Hanauer in a newly created role of chief revenue officer (CRO). Redstor says he’s known across the market for his revenue-generating successes with top data protection, recovery and security companies, and will spearhead global expansion plans for Redstor’s category-leading SaaS platform. Hanauer most recently oversaw sales and marketing as CRO for SKOUT Cybersecurity, acquired by Barracuda Networks in the summer of 2021. Prior to that, he was VP of US sales for Datto, where he led teams over an eight-year period that saw the company grow from 25 to more than 1,700 employees and attain unicorn status (as a privately-owned new business valued at more than $1 billion) before being acquired by Vista Private Equity in 2017. Hanauer is also a US Navy veteran and served two tours in the Arabian Gulf as a nuclear engineer aboard the USS Enterprise. He’s based in New York city.

Rockset, which supplies a real-time analytics platform for the cloud, announced an integration that uses change data capture (CDC) streams from Microsoft SQL Server enabling developers to run sub-second, high-concurrency analytics on data from Microsoft SQL Server, in real time. Microsoft SQL Server users can move away from traditional batch ETL towards real-time change data capture to see and respond to changes as they occur, for user-facing analytics and operational analytics use cases. Rockset says it’s on a mission to do for real-time analytics what Snowflake did for batch by modernizing the enterprise data stack.

Veza, a data security platform startup built on the power of authorization, emerged from stealth. It was founded in 2020 by CEO Tarun Thakur, CTO Maohua Lu, and chief architect Robert Whitcher. Thakur co-founded distributed database protector DatosIO in June 2014 and was its CEO when Rubrik bought it in February 2018. Veza said it had scored more than $110 million in funding from top-tier venture firms, including Accel, Bain Capital, Ballistic Ventures, GV, Norwest Venture Partners, and True Ventures. It’s also garnered angel investments from iKevin Mandia, Founder and CEO, Mandiant; Enrique Salem, former CEO, Symantec and Partner, Bain Capital; Lane Bess, former CEO, Palo Alto Networks; Manoj Apte, former CSO, ZScaler; Joe Montana, Liquid2 Ventures; and, security leaders Niels Provos, Karthik Rangarajan, and many more. Wow – that’s a lot of people putting their hands in their wallets.

Yellowbrick Data, a suppler of distributed data cloud data warehousing, announced Zurich North America, a provider of property, casualty, and life insurance products and services, has selected Yellowbrick to replace its legacy on-premise data warehouse. Yellowbrick claims it has enabled Zurich to decrease the time to produce business-critical, end-of-month reports by 55 per cent. Zurich was also able to accelerate SAS processes from hours to minutes. It says Yellowbrick set itself apart by running complex test queries on an 80TB dataset, with 100+ concurrent reports executing simultaneously, outpacing Zurich’s current system, delivering results in seconds as opposed to days.