Two new Optane drives surface in New Hampshire

Intel has two new Optane 3D XPoint drives coming, if tests at a New Hampshire Interoperability Lab are anything to go by.

As reported in Tom’s Hardware, the SSD DC P5810X and P85811X were listed by the lab as having passed through NVMe interoperability testing:

The Lab’s listing tells us there are two new drives: the U.2 format P5810X and the E1.S (revised gumstick) format P5811X. Both support PCIe 4 and NVMe v1.4. Other than that, we know nothing more specific, such as capacity ranges and performance numbers.

There are two existing P5800 family drives: the U.2 format P5800X and E1.S format P5801X Optane SSD. Both support PCIe 4. The P5801X, as well as being in a different format from the P5800X, is also slightly faster. Its capacity range is 400GB through 800GB to 1.6TB. On launch, the P5800X had the same capacity levels plus a 3.2TB version — but that high-capacity version is no longer listed in the P5800X product brief.

We think that the P5810X and P5811X may be NVMe version, performance and possibly capacity tweaks of the P5800X/P5801X drives. But if they were significantly different, then surely Intel’s massive marketing machine would be all over them — and it isn’t.