Intel teases short-ruler Optane drive with speed boost and NAND SSD to OCP

Intel is set to increase the speed of its Optane P5800X drive and label it the P5801X. And it’s also working on the D7-P5520 NAND SSD.

Both the P5801X and the D7-P5510 were revealed during an April 27 Open Compute Project (OCP) workshop presentation by an Intel senior strategic planner, Jonmichael Hands. Both devices will be available in the E1.S short ruler, aka gumstick, format. Neither have been formally announced although Intel’s website has a webpage mentioning the P5801X.

The P5801X is said to be sampling in the third quarter of 2021, and the D7-P5520 this year.

Intel’s two E1.S products revealed at an OCP online webinar

The P5801X is a speed boost and maximum capacity decrease on the existing U.2 format P5800X, as our table shows:

Blocks & Files table comparing the P5800X and the P5801X.

The P5800X’s maximum capacity was 3.2TB, and that’s dropped to 800GB – the E1.S format is physically smaller than the P5800X’s U.2 format. We can see that the P5801X’s random read and write IOPS are slightly higher that the P5800X, as is its sequential read throughput, but the P5801X’s sequential write speed of up to 7.4GB/sec is a useful near 20 per cent increase on the P5800X’s 6.2GB/sec maximum.

No D7-P5520 performance details were supplied by Intel. It announced the D7-P5510 in the fourth quarter of 2020. The ’10 drive comes in a 2.5-inch format with a PCIe 4 interface, and uses 144-layer 3D NAND in a TLC (three-bits-per-cell) design. It delivers up to 930,000 and 190,000 random read and write IOPS, respectively, 7GB/s sequential writes and 4.2GB/s sequential reads.  If the D7-P5520 is essentially the D7-P5510 in an E1.S format, then the performance ought to be similar.