Fujitsu resells Qumulo to mine, manage and refine data

Fujitsu is reselling Qumulo’s parallel access filesystem products, giving its enterprise customers the option to manage petabyte-scale unstructured file data.

Olivier Delachapelle, Head of Category Management, Product Sales Europe at Fujitsu, provided a neat quote: “We’re seeing plenty of claims that data is the new gold. That’s certainly the case, but before the data is of any value, all those petabytes of unstructured data must be mined, managed and refined. Fujitsu’s new approach with the Qumulo solution is a custom-built, high-performance information repository.”

In time-honoured IT buzzword-speak, Fujitsu says it has a four-layer, data-driven transformation strategy for customers:

  • Define your data transformation baseline
  • Create your future data architecture (the Qumulo deal fits here)
  • Protect and Secure data
  • Deliver business value

The Fujitsu deal will be welcome to Qumulo which faces competition from Dell’s re-invigorated Isilon systems, now upgraded to the PowerScale filers. Qumulo also has a partnership with HPE.

Qumulo technology scales to support tens of billions of files, Fujitsu says, and its cloud-native file system enables the seamless transition of data to the public cloud. It’s also fast, with 90 per cent of read requests handled in under 1ms from the in-built cache.

Qumulo systems are available to order immediately from Fujitsu. A typical installation starts with around 200TB of data. Pricing is in accordance with specification and region.

This is Fujitsu’s third storage partnership signed this year. The company is OEMing NetApp flash and hybrid arrays, and Datera’s scale out virtual SAN storage with unified block and object access.