Virtana fleshes out AIOps story with VirtualWisdom 6.3

Virtana has extended its IT infrastructure monitoring software with global storage capacity management, wider system support and best practice sharing.

VirtualWisdom 6.3 introduces Capacity Auditor which provides a storage array usage report. The tool counts overall usage across multiple vendors’ arrays in the customer’s data centres.

Tim Van Ash, Virtana’s SVP for products, told us in a telephone briefing that Capacity Auditor is a “marquee analytics capability. Vendor storage resource management tools are not meeting customer needs today.”

An independent cross-vendor tool is needed that can be used in an AIOps system to predict capacity and increase it if required, he said. Capacity Auditor is a single pane of glass look at capacity usage rolled up across multiple vendors’ systems, and presented in a form suitable for decision makers. Today these are people. Tomorrow it could be an AIOps decision-making function, Ash said.

He cited a telco customer who had one person spend a week every month manually preparing a similar report covering myriad filers. Now it’s a screen button press.

Virtana was formerly called Virtual Instruments and is building an AIOps capability so that IT infrastructure monitoring can become more autonomous.

Virtual Wisdom 6.3 adds support for Red Hat KVM, Oracle Solaris and Pure Storage’s FlashArray. FlashBlade support will come next year.

The new release provides customisable 24-hour snapshot reports for servers, storage, and networks, called Dynamic Entity Insights. It also has portable reports and dashboards for sharing best practice across an authorised group of people, such as a customer’s business units.