Scale Computing launches mini-HCI edge box

Scale Computing has announced a miniature hyperconverged system for space-constrained edge computing sites.

The HE150 slots in below the HE500 edge HCI box, is the size of a small hi-fi system, and uses Intel’s NUC micro-PC processing hardware. HC3 Edge Fabric technology eliminates the need for a backplane network switch and reduces the HE500’s 4 ports per node to two. Scale said this lowers the total cost of ownership and makes network connectivity simpler. 


Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready said: “Our ability to deliver HCI technology in a smaller form factor and lower price point is making edge computing capabilities and resources more accessible to many organisations.”

HC3 Edge Fabric diagram.

The HE150 uses NVMe flash storage and needs little electricity. It doesn’t require installation in a server closet and is robust enough for industrial locations. The unit incorporates disaster recovery, high availability clustering, rolling upgrades and integrated data protection features.

Scale is introducing HC3 Edge general support for Intel NUC-based systems and will support Lenovo’s Smart Edge portfolio of fan-less, small form factor PCs.

NUC dimensions are: 116.6mm x 112.0mm x 39.0mm. You can check out NUC reference information and the HE150 is available now.