Virtual Instruments changes name to Virtana

Virtual Instruments has changed its moniker to Virtana and is rebranding the cloud cost control application gained through the acquisition of this Metricly in August this year as ‘CloudWisdom’.

Virtana can monitor app performance and cost in the public clouds, and contrast it with the comparable on-premises numbers. Customers can make better choices about where to run workloads. Using CloudWisdom customers plan, analyse and optimise their cloud workloads, services and resources.

Virtana said the company name change from Virtual Instruments reflects the change of direction since the company started out as a storage infrastructure monitor with instrumentation hooks into storage networking gear and storage systems. It added WorkloadWisdom, with its app workload performance analytics via the merger with Load DynamiX in 2016. It also bought Xangati that year to add virtualized server and cloud infrastructure performance monitoring. Then it bought Metricly and gained public cloud performance, capacity, and cost analysis capabilities.

Virtana has also developed resource capacity tracking and prediction alongside building application-to-base-infrastructure capabilities. It can also build application-to-and-through-infrastructure path maps: becoming app-aware. That means application outages and slowdowns can be tracked to specific infrastructure events such as a malfunctioning HBA port or network switch buffer overload, for resolution.

The public cloud adds difficulty because applications run on the cloud provider’s masked hardware and software resources in remote data centres. These are inaccessible at a raw state level and can be monitored only through the cloud provider’s access layer as compute instances and storage services.

We need AI help

Virtana is an enthusiastic advocate for “AIOps, a Gartner defined concept of performance and infrastructure monitoring. The company argues AI and machine learning models are needed because the incoming event stream for worklods in the on-premises and public cloud IT environment is too big and too complex for human operators to detect and fix things in real time. Virtana expects the monitoring and management of a customers IT estate to gradually embrace autonomous functions.

Virtana CEO Philippe Vincent said: “The future of IT operations is autonomous and hybrid… By providing customers with deep infrastructure visibility through an app-centric, real-time approach, we’re delivering the foundation for intelligent automation and helping customers de-risk their journey to the hybrid cloud.”

CloudWisdom and VirtualWisdom are available for free trials on Virtana’s website.