Delphix can virtualize and mask any data source on any platform for DevOps

Delphix is going the whole hog and will support any data source as a DevOps test data feed.

The company has released Dynamic Data Platform 6.0 which virtualizes structured and NoSQL databases and pumps test copies to developers on-premises and in the cloud. Delphix has added Google Cloud Platform support with DDP 6.0 and now supports databases in all three main public clouds and on-premises.

It has also announced a DataOps Marketplace to obtain tools to integrate data sources with DevOps tools and cloud platforms.

According to Delphix, DevOps test and development results in much faster application updates than the traditional annual major release and three or six monthly minor release cycles. This in turn fuels the need for up-to-date test data from more sources and to more places.

Delphix terms this test data provisioning process ‘DataOps‘. The test data must respect user privacy and it must delivered to developers working on-premises or in all three main public clouds, the company says.

The DataOPs marketplace contains examples of Delphix’s native integrations and multi-cloud work, the Virtualization SDK, and open source code packages to help integrate Delphix into their DevOps workflows using Delphix APIs.    

Virtualization SDK and masking

Delphix has created a virtualization software development kit that app developers can use to enable new NoSQL database and other new database support to DDP. This should enable developers to use nearly any data store as a Delphix source for virtualization and test use.

DDP already has a data masking capability to detect personally identifiable information such as social security and credit card numbers. With Version 6, DDP users can implement changes to comply with new regulatory requirements without having to wait for a Delphix DDP release. Test data wait times for data that meets the new requirements will also be minimised.

DDP 6.0 is available now for supported users.