Delphix fixes AWS RDS data copy inertia and friction

Delphix virtualizes Amazon’s Relational Database Service in new ways beyond logical replication, and farms out test and dev copies in minutes.

Delphix virtualizes on-premises production databases, such as Oracle and SAP, and pumps out copies quickly to test and dev and other users needing access to production-class data.

AWS’s Relational Database Service (RDS) supports Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, MySQL and Aurora, AWS’s own MySQL-compatible database.

Data has inertia and friction and can’t move easily, even in the cloud. Delphix’s automated RDS environment provisioning counters this obstacle for the testers and developers using AWS RDS. 

Delphix claims to handle EC2 provisioning of RDS production database copies to development and test teams faster than any alternative method.

It moved into AWS in December last year, supporting Oracle DB on Amazon’s RDS. The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform (DDP) works with the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), using logical replication to continuously replicate data to and from RDS and EC2 instances.

Delphix’ VP for marketing, Alex Plant, told us that: “While successful, this solution presents many edge conditions and challenges when it comes to creating like-for-like copies of data outside of the RDS environment.” 

The AWS RDS and Delphix engineering teams worked together to improve things and this latest announcement details new RDS-DDP integrations.

Plant said: “For Oracle, they developed the capability to automate the creation of Oracle backup files in S3, and we developed a plugin that could ingest from those backups (S3 or not) into the Delphix platform.

“For MySQL, this was already available as a replication offering that we could integrate with.”

With this update, customers are able to support “true like-for-like database copies in Delphix, without the additional complexity and fragility of logical replication…Today we support Oracle and MySQL ingestion and are working with the RDS team and key customers to expand to PostgreSQL, Aurora, and SQLServer.”

Anurag Gupta, VP Analytics, Aurora, and RDS for AWS said the Delphix relationship means the companies can improve database management and deliver performance enhancements for enterprise customers.

Delphix has integrated data masking to redact sensitive data and extensible plugins support Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, and more to come. Users get self-service controls to refresh, branch, bookmark, and share data, integrated via APIs with DevOps tools and the Delphix Automation Framework.

Download a datasheet of the new DDP SW here.