DataOps: It’s a thing! And we can do it today, say Delphix and Datical

If you use relational databases, are into business digital transformation, and think data is the new oil than climb aboard the DataOps train. Delphix and Datical will say ‘Hi’, show you to your seat, and supply tasty brochures to tempt early wallet opening.

The vendors have teamed up to make databases easier and faster for their customers who include more than half of the global Fortune 50.

Delphix is a database virtualizer and Datical is a database release automation supplier. They say they can cut the time to provision production-quality data from days or weeks to minutes. Also Delphix-Datical tag-team to eliminate manual tasks such as reviewing and validating database schema and logic changes.

They cite an unnamed top five US investment management firm which uses their products to increase the speed and quality of application releases. The outcome is:

  •  100 per cent increase in rate of application deployments
  • 90 per cent reduction in data provisioning times
  • Elimination of data-related defects

DataOps needs standards

Delphix and Datical quote Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst with RedMonk, who says: “While application development has been revolutionized by the DevOps phenomenon, database management has lagged behind. This issue is what’s created the demand for an equivalent ‘DataOps’ style movement, and is why Delphix and Datical are focusing on these needs so intently.”

As an idea, DataOps is gaining credence, with support from Gartner. But there is a notable element of bandwagon-jumping, Nick Heudecker, a research VP at the analyst firm, warns.

He says DataOps is a “new practice without any standards or frameworks. Currently, a growing number of technology providers have started using the term when talking about their offerings and we are also seeing data and  analytics teams asking about the concept. The hype is present and DataOps will quickly move up on the Hype Cycle.”

Gartner has plunked DataOps at an early stage in its Hype Cycle methodology:

DataOps is admitted hype but databases have to be updated and released and if that is completed quicker and better then what CIO is not going to be pleased?